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Receive Payments Or Build Websites On Your .crypto Domain Name (Unstoppable Domains)

Buy your own domain name: https://unstoppabledomains.com/r/youngandinvesting Article: https://medium.com/unstoppabledomain/crypto-ac3eec150768 Unstoppable domains came out with a huge announcement on Friday. In the “Off The Chain” podcast with Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of the crypto domain name company announced that they are launching the .crypto domain extention. The domain name has the following features: – Connect your different […]

Quantum Computing – Is Bitcoin In Danger?

Article Decrypt: https://decrypt.co/9642/what-google-quantum-computer-means-for-bitcoin Article Cointelegraph (reaction Bitcoin dev): https://cointelegraph.com/news/googles-quantum-computer-breakthrough-not-a-risk-to-bitcoin-says-dev Google had a massive breakthrough in quantum computing by making a quantum computer of 53 qubits solve a mathematical problem in 200 seconds while the most advanced supercomputer in the world would spend 10,000 years to solve it. Is quantum computing a real threat to the […]

Bakkt Is Live! Impact Short/Long term? – Altcoins Ready For Round 2

Sign up to Bitforex and receive an aidrop worth up to $10: https://www.bitforex.com/en/register?bf=YoungAndInvesting Bakkt is finally live! After more than a year of development, but more importantly after several times postponing the launch, it’s now there. But, it has way less volume than people expected it to have when being launched. It currently sits at […]

Trezor Model T Review – Unboxing, Installing & Features Explained (Tutorial)

Buy a Trezor hardware wallet: https://shop.trezor.io/?offer_id=10&aff_id=3338 The Trezor Model T is the newest cryptocurrency hardware wallet from one of the biggest manufacturers in the crypto space. The main difference with the Trezor Model One is the touchscreen. The Model T has a touchscreen on which almost everything you do happens. Trezor is also known for […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Integrate These 34 Cryptocurrencies

Check out Cryptowatch here: https://bit.ly/2ZneWQk Article: https://cryptonews.com/news/complete-list-of-cryptos-and-dapps-available-on-samsung-gala-4573.htm Samsung will integrate 34 cryptocurrencies and 18 dapps into its new Galaxy S10 model. The model will have its own native cryptocurrency wallet made by Enjin, which will be available to millions of users. Not everyone is able to download the SDK from Samsung, but the users from […]