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THIS Is EXACTLY Why Bitcoin Is Created!

The Federal reserve announced “infinite liquidity in the banking system”. In other words, they are going to print as much money as needed to save the economy. What we are going to witness in the upcoming years, will be unprecedented. A fiat currency, backed by nothing, will be printed in insane amounts. This is a […]

Markets Bouncing, Crypto The Hardest – What's Next?

Sign up to crypto.com and get $50 bonus: https://platinum.crypto.com/r/youngandinvesting Code is: youngandinvesting Markets are bouncing today, with traditional financial markets up between 2%-5%. Crypto is up over 20% on average in the last 24 hours. Coincidence or not? What do I think is next for the traditional financial markets and crypto? #coronavirus #crypto #financialmarkets ———————————————————————————————————————————————————– […]

My Portfolio For 2020 (ETH, VET, BNB & more)

In this video you find an overview of my cryptocurrency portfolio which I will hold throughout 2020, if no unexpected market events happen. I keep evaluating individual projects so if they underdeliver it’s also possible that I sell something. Some of my top holdings are Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain and Binance Coin, but what are the […]