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Travelport, IBM and BCD Travel Use Blockchain to Manage Hotel Commissions – Skift

Keeping track of hotel commission payments has often proved a difficult task, especially as more travelers book online while much of the hotel commission process remains manual. Now travel technology company Travelport has joined with IBM and travel management company BCD Travel in an effort to fix that. Together, Travelport and IBM developed a blockchain […]

The Diverging Paths of Public and Private Blockchains

During the blockchain hype of 2017 and 2018, it was difficult to establish who exactly needs a blockchain and why. The market became flooded with innovations, ideas, and scams as startups and established enterprises alike looked for ways to profit from the technological revolution. As the hype died down, many critics accused blockchain as being […]

World Bank Raises Additional AUD $50M Via Blockchain Bond

Blockchain proves once again that it is a must-have technology for financial institutions at all levels. Last week, the World Bank raised an additional AUD 50 million ($33.8 million) through its blockchain-based Kangaroo bond, called bond-i. Bond-i Sale Co-Managed by CBA, RBC, and TD The bond tap, i.e. the reopening of the bond initially issued […]

Travelport and IBM Work on Blockchain Platform for Hotel Commissions

Artificial intelligence-enabled travel platform Travelport, IBM and travel management company BCD Travel are jointly developing a blockchain platform to streamline hotel commission reconciliation. Per a press release on Aug. 20, the companies are collaboratively working on the creation of a blockchain-based platform in a bid to optimize hotel commission processing. Specifically, the product will purportedly […]

Japan’s largest gift card marketplace to use blockchain technology

Japan’s Amaten gift card marketplace intends to integrate blockchain technology in its operations, the company has revealed in a press release. The company, which is the largest such marketplace in Japan, has partnered with Singaporean decentralized cloud computing startup, Aelf. Amaten plans on using blockchain technology to advance into international markets such as China and […]

Blockchain Supercharged with AI: The Next Revolution?

In the last decade, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the rare developments in technology that is poised to become so disruptive that they’ve become synonymous with innovation and the future. So much so, that startups aiming to bring an amalgamation of these technologies have raised a whopping $437 million to date. But what […]

How blockchain could help healthcare industry save millions

Mackenzie Garrity – Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 Print  | Email By integrating blockchain technology into healthcare, many organizations can eliminate the presence of third-party intermediaries, which could save them millions of dollars, according to a BIS Research report and cited by Docwire News. “The blockchain in healthcare market is going to be driven by […]

The World Bank’s Blockchain Bond Is Just a Fancy Way of Selling Debt

Last year the World Bank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced a permissioned Ethereum-based blockchain to facilitate the end-to-end issuance of bonds between financial partners. The Bretton Woods-created financial institution hopes to make debt capital markets far more efficient with a bank-to-bank blockchain network. At the same time, the World Bank’s bond scheme has […]

Travelport, IBM Collaborate on Blockchain for Hotel Commissions

Travelport, a business and consumer travel services provider, announced it is using IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to guarantee commissions paid to travel agencies. According to a statement released on August 20, the blockchain was designed with input from IBM, travel management company BCD Travel, and three unnamed hotel chains. The system aims to “put the lifecycle of […]