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Is Blockchain Ready To Be Used For Defense? By DailyCoin

Is Blockchain Ready To Be Used For Defense? Microsoft has recently signed a deal with the US Defense Department to provide them with 120,000 HoloLenses. The devices are an augmented reality concept, which Microsoft (NASDAQ:) has developed specifically for the army. The contract signed by Microsoft was set at $21.9 billion and will last up […]

Behold the pre-ICO Sale of Bitsfine with its BFN Token

TBILISI, Georgia, April 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The acceptance of blockchain technology is on rage. Harassing the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency – Bitsfine has added an entirely new dimension to the utility of cryptocurrencies. It is a detailed ecosystem offering crypto utility services. Even though all the leading banks and financial institutions worldwide have […]

In Brazil, more than 150 thousand documents are authenticated on blockchain in four months – Explica .co

In Brazil, its adoption of blockchain has been so fast that, in just four months, 156 thousand pages of documents have been authenticated by this system of the e-Notary platform. The information was disclosed through a statement recently published on the website of the Association of Notaries and Registrars of Brazil (ANOREG). According to this […]

Immersive Network Partners With Blockchain Mega-Platform Starport To Connect Entertainment and Crypto Communities

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Immersive Network announced today that it has secured commitments for over $50 million through the Starport platform in the 24 hours since the launch of their pre-IDO to fund Immersive Artistry’s first slate of projects. The Immersive Network is a new blockchain-based platform launched by Starport, dedicated to […]

Iowa House approves bill to legally recognize blockchain smart contracts

Illustration by Nathan Wright The Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill this week that seeks to legally recognize transactions and registrations made via blockchain smart contracts. The bill—SF541—gained Senate approval earlier in the month. Under the new bill, smart contracts would be given the same legal status as regular contracts, while distributed-ledger technology would be viewed […]

China leads the charge towards Blockchain 3.0

China is leading globally in blockchain 3.0 (Photo by PETER PARKS / AFP) 2020 was a big year for blockchain projects in China after President Xi Jinping called for further development of the technology at the end of 2019 China’s 14th five-year plan outlines the country’s economic priorities and stressed that technology will play an […]

Blockchain and smart contract for IoT enabled smart agriculture [PeerJ]

Introduction Steady food supply across the world is solely dependent on agricultural activities around the world. The whole process of cultivation involves a lot of direct and indirect actors. Farmers, agricultural product sellers, and manufacturers are directly involved with the framework of cultivation. Furthermore, indirect actors are people who are depending on the production, e.g., […]

SU’s WiTec club to host workshops on cryptocurrency and blockchain

Get the latest Syracuse news delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Syracuse University’s Worldwide Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship Club is planning to host an online introductory cryptocurrency and cloud workshop on April 9. Red Hat, a software production company owned by IBM, is sponsoring the workshop, which is set to take place […]