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BSOS, a Taiwan blockchain technology company, raises over $1 million

LinkedIn WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Print Taiwan blockchain technology company BSOS announced the closure of over $1 million in its angel funding round which included $666,000 from the National Development Council. Priorly, Taiwan has been said to be focused more on cryptocurrency as opposed to enterprise blockchains. Daniel Huang, CEO, BSOS, stated that the business […]

Bitcoin Mining Operation Riot Blockchain Fearful Of Covid-19 Impact

(Photo by: Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Universal Images Group via Getty Images Riot Blockchain, a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining firm, released its annual 10-K report to the SEC where it outlined the effect the Covid-19 virus outbreak may have on its mining operations. Under the headline of ‘general risk,’ the company was compelled to list […]

GrainChain Talks Blockchain For Farmer Payments

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email Cash flow is king for independent farmers operating with thin margins and wide exposure to a variety of risks, from economic downturns to inclement weather. But the process of getting paid from corporate customers like elevators — companies that procure bulk field crops — is neither fast nor […]

How blockchain works: book review

David Shrier’s book Basic Blockchain: What It Is and How It Will Transform the Way We Work and Live sets out to answer the very questions in its title.  Mr Shrier answers the ‘what’ question well, but with unnecessary caveats in his technical explanation. He starts from first principles of trust and blocks, introducing the […]

EastNets Reveals That 28 Institutions Are Now Benefiting From Secure Real-time Watchlist Updates Over Blockchain

BRUSSELS, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EastNets is pleased to announce that 28 financial institutions are now live users of a real-time watchlist feed, delivered securely over blockchain. In partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, EastNets successfully commercialized a feed of sanction alerts over a private blockchain network. EastNets ChainFeed™ is now featured within EastNets’ watchlist screening […]

Organizations Tracking COVID-19 Using Blockchain

In this article, we take a look at some of the prominent blockchain projects which are focused on tracking COVID-19. We know that limited data is coming directly from individuals in the healthcare community regarding COVID-19. Yet, there are organizations which are continually tracking how COVID-19 is affecting people in real-time. These firms are keeping […]

BSOS, the Hidden Champion of Enterprise Blockchain, Now Backed Up by the National Development Fund to the Max

TAIPEI, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Taiwan blockchain technology company – BSOS – announced on March 30th that it has closed on its angel funding round. They raised more than USD1 million, including USD666,000 from the National Development Council, making it the largest investment that the National Development Council has ever injected into the blockchain industry. BSOS, […]

Blockchain Nation. The currency that is infiltrating the data centre sector

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency began stamping its hypothetical feet and making noise in mainstream media over the last decade, with individuals taking a keen interest in blockchain and its link to banking and investment. Since then blockchain, the technology that runs Bitcoin, has developed into one of the biggest revolutionary technologies with the potential to impact […]

KuCoin Announces “Project Pinocchio” With Multiple Blockchain Institutions to Tackle Dishonest Behaviors in the Crypto Space

Singapore-based global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin recently announced the launch of its new project “Project Pinocchio” together with 21 blockchain institutions from around the world. KuCoin describes Project Pinocchio as a neutral and credible alert platform for less trustworthy projects in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform stated: “Through the establishment of a crypto credit reporting system, […]