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Blockchain: A tool with a future in healthcare

Blockchain technology originated in 1991, and was conceived as a secure way to timestamp digital documents akin to how a notary timestamps physical documents. The true value lies in the fact that once stamped, the document cannot be backdated. Since then, the application of Blockchain technology has evolved and has the potential to transform and […]

Bank of Thailand reviews blockchain applications in multiple areas

Bank of Thailand reviews blockchain applications in multiple areas The Bank of Thailand is reviewing blockchain-based applications in a number of areas, governor Dr. Veerathai Santiprabhob said recently. Speaking at the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit on July 12, Santiprabhob is reviewing blockchain applications in areas such as cross-border payments, supply chain financing, and document authentication. […]

Windows XP is now available on the BSV blockchain

In what is most likely a first for blockchains, a developer has created a version of Windows XP that runs completely on the blockchain. It was built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, which reiterates BSV’s position as the most versatile and development-friendly blockchain, and also has an additional reason to gloat. It’s probably the […]

Samsung Teams With Banks, Telcos for Mobile ID Network Based on Blockchain

Tech giant Samsung Electronics is joining six other major South Korean firms to develop a blockchain-based certificate and ID authentication network. Announced on Sunday and reported by CoinDesk Korea, the other founding firms include mobile carriers SK Telecom, LG Yuplus and KT, two banks – KEB Han and Wooriand – and government-founded securities infrastructure provider […]

Shinhan Card patents its blockchain-powered payments system

Seoul-based payments company Shinhan Card has designed a blockchain-based transaction system and successfully patented it, The Korea Times writes. Besides enabling payments, the system will also allow credit card users to set a maximum spending limit and monthly instalments. Shinhan Card’s blockchain system aims to introduce app-to-app, cardless transactions and could pose a threat to […]

Samsung consortium to develop a blockchain mobile ID system

Samsung has created a consortium with six South Korean firms including Woori Bank, KEP Hana Bank, SK Telecom, KT, LG UPlus and Koscom to create a blockchain powered mobile identification system. With this self-sovereign identity system, customers can receive a new ID in less time than through traditional means, according to a report by Yahoo […]

Basics of blockchain for the IoT

With the rise of Bitcoin, corporate interest in the underlying blockchain technology has risen dramatically. Confusion arises, however, because much of the discussion centers on cryptocurrency, which is only one approach to using blockchain. To determine an approach that makes sense for the IoT, developers must first strip blockchain to its basics and build from […]