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Number of Israeli Blockchain and Crypto-focused Startups Increased by 32% Last Year: Report

The number of Israel-based blockchain and crypto-focused startups increased by 32% last year, a December 30 report from the Israeli Bitcoin Association confirmed. The report noted that there were 150 active blockchain firms in the country in 2019. Toward the end of 2018, there were only 113 crypto-related companies operating in Israel. Out of these […]

Companies flock StrainSecure platform to track cannabis

Regarded as the game-changer, several medical companies are beginning to adopt the StrainSecure platform to track strains of medical cannabis and verify their authenticity. This was revealed in an interview with the company’s CEO, Robert Galarza. The StrainSecure platform, as per reports, provides testing, DNA-based validation, and guarantee for patients or customers. According to Robert, […]

Why tokenization is important in Fintech

Before doing for why “Tokenization” let see WHAT. If you’re involved in fintech, you have certainly already heard the buzzword about this work “tokenization”.  Tokenization is the artwork of substituting meaningless statistics to meaningful records. It’s one of a kind from encryption within the experience that, to perform tokenization you construct a dictionary where the […]

First Ever Blockchain-powered Transaction on the Gas Market Registered in Italy

Jan 05, 2020 at 13:14 // News Experimentation with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) continues with big players in the Italian energy and gas industry making transactions using the disruptive means. Recently, Snam S.p.A, an Italian natural gas infrastructure company, conducted the first natural gas purchase and sale transaction. This is the first […]

Blockchain Technology To Innovate In The Renewable Energy Market

Ritika Sharma Sunday, 05 January 2020, 11:19 EST Modified date: Sunday, 05 January 2020, 11:19 EST The suggested idea focuses on simplifying the management and trading of clean energy using the blockchain network. The offered blockchain-based forward selling is a transactive framework on the blockchain network. The proposal made by the ESRI is not the […]

WEF: blockchain projects need partnerships to succeed in 2020

The World Economic Forum, the NGO dedicated to “shaping global, regional, and industry agendas”, announced its predictions for the blockchain world on Thursday. For the WEF, 2019 saw a shift from blockchain hype to quality; in the year to come, it predicted that “there is an opportunity for blockchain to have a social impact”. Specifically, […]