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Five Blockchain Platforms To Look Out For In 2020

Five Blockchain Platforms To Look Out For In 2020 – TheCryptoUpdates <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> Cookies This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our […]

Cornerstone Joins Velocity Network Foundation to Shape the Future of Blockchain in HR

As a founding member, Cornerstone will collaborate with 14 other industry leaders to accelerate the development of a universal blockchain-powered network that will put people in control of their career credentials and provide organizations with transparent insights into their workforce potential Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSOD), a global leader in people development solutions, today announced it […]

Saudi Aramco joins oil blockchain platform Vakt

LONDON, Jan 28 (Reuters) – * Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures has bought into blockchain-based trading platform Vakt with $5 million in new shares, Vakt said on Tuesday. * Aramco Trading Co, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, will use the platform. * The VAKT platform specialises in post-trade processing. It has been live since the end […]

Blockchain Revolutionizing The Chocolate Industry

The chocolate industry is worth almost 10 billion dollars annually. Surprisingly, cocoa traders source most of the cacao supply from just two countries, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Millions of farmers grow cacao on small farms. The three largest cocoa traders buy almost all of the beans.  However, before the beans are sold to these traders, […]