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Northern Trust and BondEvalue Partner to Deliver Fractionalised Bond Ownership Using Blockchain Technology

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Northern Trust (Nasdaq:NTRS) and BondEvalue today announce a strategic partnership to deliver integrated asset servicing and digital solutions for fractional ownership of fixed income bonds. BondEvalue’s regulated platform will facilitate trading of fractionalised investable assets based on wholesale bonds, while Northern Trust will be its exclusive asset servicing provider. BondEvalue’s platform combines the power […]

Rethinking Blockchain: Confidence Continues To Lag

<figcaption><fbs-accordion><p class="color-body light-text">Two startup business colleagues problem-solving at a computer together in the office.</p></fbs-accordion><small>Getty</small></figcaption></figure><p>A couple years back, blockchain (or distributed ledger technology, DLT) was the hot ticket. Lately, attention to it has receded to the background. Is there business value to be found in blockchain?</p><p>“Yes, but” say the authors of a recent <a href="http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Building_Value_with_Blockchain.pdf" target="_blank" […]

China Project Creates “Un-Blockchain” Interface, No Developers or Code

November 12, 2019 – San Francisco, CA CHONGQING, CHINA – NULS, the world’s most adaptable blockchain platform releases Chain Factory, demystifying blockchain. The zero-threshold solution, Chain Factory, breaks down blockchain technology into its fundamental independent components, delivering blockchain from the hands of developers into the hands of worldwide users.  After two years of intensive research […]

ABN AMRO, IBM, ING in Dutch Blockchain Coalition trade mission to Singapore

Yesterday, ABN AMRO announced that it is participating in a Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) trade mission to Singapore. This week the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) and Week of Innovation at Technology (SWITCH) are being held, with multiple Dutch firms taking part. As the DBC explained yesterday, Netherlands-based companies partnered with the Dutch government for blockchain […]

How Blockchain Is Helping The World’s Biggest Companies Innovate Securely

</div> </div> <p>Much like the internet, the rise of blockchain gives individuals and organizations the chance to achieve vast improvements in productivity. In my experience, blockchain can improve transactional processes among individuals, companies, suppliers and legislators to create more scalable, efficient solutions.</p> <p><strong>The Appeal</strong></p> <p>Blockchain is valuable because it can provide security to the underlying […]

Opinion: China is Pushing Toward Global Blockchain Dominance

In a speech late last month, Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared blockchain “an important breakthrough,” and promised that China would “seize the opportunity.” He detailed the ways the Chinese government would support blockchain research, development, and standardization. The significance shouldn’t be underestimated. Xi is the first major world leader to issue such a strong endorsement […]

What You Need To Know

</div> </div> <p>A notary (or public notary) is an official appointed by a state government who has the&nbsp;ability to draw up or certify a particular action or deed. This could include contracts, documents useful in other jurisdictions or deeds.</p> <p>The notary role is one that requires an official to be a fair-minded observer in different […]

What needs to happen for blockchain to become mainstream

The early enthusiasm for blockchain and the virtual assets it supports, while still felt by a large and active community, has also given way to disappointment and cynicism in some quarters. At this point in blockchain’s short history, it can be discouraging that high-flown speculations about its possibilities have not yet materialized. And we’re not going […]