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Oracle Tests Blockchain Technology with Local Brewery Alpha Acid

Thirsty software developers at Oracle’s Code One conference in San Francisco this month will be busy networking, attending keynotes — and kicking back local, Bay Area beer from Alpha Acid Brewing Co. But a brewing festival this is not, and Alpha Acid’s booth at the conference’s developer exchange (October 22nd through 25th) isn’t just a […]

NIST releases tech overview — GCN

Blockchain 101: NIST releases tech overview By Sara Friedman Oct 03, 2018 The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued the final version of its interagency report on distributed ledger technology. The Blockchain Technology Overview is an updated version of a draft published in January that provides a high-level overview with explanations on […]

The Blockchain-Enabled Intelligent IoT Economy

VIII. Conclusions As you might have noticed, the edges of the impact of one technology on the others and vice-versa often blur, and this is not by chance but an inevitable consequence of technologies that are born and developed to create an “intelligence flywheel.” In addition to unlocking a set of new technological scenarios, the […]

New blockchain for water treatment solutions (Includes interview)

To understand more about the service and blockchain technology, Digital Journal spoke with Riggs Eckelberry, who is CEO of water treatment solutions company OriginClear. The company’s mission statement runs: “Helping clean up produced water and recycle fracking water, to reduce harm to the environment and lower costs.” Digital Journal: What service does OriginClear provide? Riggs […]

Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Will Be Worth $500 Million by 2025

A recent report by technology research company ReportLinker shows that blockchain technology in the U.S. manufacturing sector is expected to grow significantly from 2020–2025. While preparing the report, the authors split blockchain usage by application, end use, and territory. The study then divided the blockchain in manufacturing market based on end use into energy and […]

​KT to develop blockchain-based P2P donation platform

KT will develop a blockchain-based peer-to-peer donation platform, the South Korean telecommunications carrier has announced. It has signed a cooperation agreement with affiliate KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation to co-develop the platform. The foundation will allow members to track how and where their donations were spent, with the service to be a private blockchain managed […]

​Seoul to create 100 billion won blockchain fund

Seoul will create a blockchain complex to house around 200 companies as well as create a 100 billion won ($88 million) fund to foster talents in the sector, the city’s mayor has announced. The fund will be created through private and public investments, Mayor Park Won-soon said. It is a five-year plan, and a total […]

Top 5 things to know about voting and blockchain

West Virginia will be testing blockchain-based voting on smartphones for military members serving overseas. This has caused a lot of people—from your expected alarmists to reputable security researchers—to scream a little. So what should you know about blockchain and voting? How about these five things? SEE: Quick glossary: Blockchain (Tech Pro Research) Proving who you […]

Israel Securities Authority Turns to Blockchain for Improving Cybersecurity

The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) has started to use blockchain to improve the cybersecurity of its messaging system, online newspaper Times of Israel reports today, October 3. The government regulator has reportedly embedded the technology into a system dubbed “Yael,” used to deliver messages and other information to entities that fall under ISA oversight. The […]