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Crowdz CEO says blockchain invoice financing marketplace will go live by mid-year

Fintech company Crowdz has launched a pilot for its blockchain-based invoice financing marketplace with plans for it to go live by the middle of the year. Speaking to GTR, Crowdz CEO Payson Johnston explains InvoiceXchange’s purpose, discusses other trade finance marketplaces and says that collaborations are on the cards. InvoiceXchange, built on the Ethereum blockchain, […]

LifeFilez Announces Strategic Partnership with BurstIQ to Leverage Proven Blockchain Platform

LifeFilez will utilize BurstIQ’s platform to securely and rapidly deploy its SaaS platform to B2B users DENVER, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LifeFilez® LLC, a cloud-based subscription service that empowers people to effectively manage important life documents, has developed a strategic partnership with BurstIQ to further develop the blockchain capabilities of its platform. This partnership will be […]

Cornerstone Joins Velocity Network on Future of Blockchain in HR

Cornerstone has become a founding member of the Velocity Network, an organization that promotes the global adoption of a network for verified career credentials. Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD) has become a founding member of the Velocity Network Foundation, an organization that supports research and development of applications for blockchain technology and promotes the global adoption of […]

From Banking and Data Security to Compliance: Blockchain Grows Well…

Cryptocurrency and blockchain came to the forefront of our imaginations as a technological marriage, seen as a revolution, for digital transactions. So vivid was the future for this pairing, at the outset at least, that the terms became linked. In reality, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies are distinct, the latter supporting the former’s ability to […]

Blockchain has yet to hit the retail big-time, but there’s still growing interest

In October 2016, fashion label Babyghost announced a partnership with the platform VeChain that allowed customers to verify handbags using blockchain technology. This was as much about proving an item’s authenticity as it was about marketing a new technology to customers. It also marked beginning of a slow realization that this brand new digital architecture […]

UAE could save US$3B with blockchain implementation –

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) could save over US$3B (AEDirham 11B) by implementing advanced blockchain technologies. This is the claim of a joint white paper by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, UAE (C4IR UAE), the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and the World Economic Forum. Mirek Dusek, Head of Middle East and North Africa, […]

Blockchain double spending attack on Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is subject to a blockchain double spending attack worth around $72,000 as a result of a 51 percent mining attack to take control of the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. The attacks came on Thursday and Friday, dated 23rd and 24th of January, where the first attack costed the blockchain around 1900 BTG, and […]

Five Blockchain Platforms To Look Out For In 2020

Five Blockchain Platforms To Look Out For In 2020 – TheCryptoUpdates <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> Cookies This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our […]