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Cisco Secures 5G Edge With Blockchain Patent

Cisco booth at an event. Cybercrime Magazine Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT, has succeeded in getting a patent that describes the use of blockchain to secure data in 5G networks. Based on a November 26 filing from the USPTO, the multinational technology conglomerate presented a patent application in June 2018 for a blockchain platform […]

Blockchain To Ensure ‘Ethical Provenance of Gold’, Protect Miners Health

The global luxury jewelry industry and the mining industry are exploring blockchain technology to improve efficiency, tracking of materials, and enhancing transparency. Most importantly, the aim of using blockchain technology includes protecting miners’ health and the environment. NYT: “Blockchain Is a Growing Niche Within the Global Jewelry Industry” The World Gold Council indicates that the […]

Blockchain Game Axie Infinity Releases a Major Marketplace Update

via marketplace.axieinfinity.com Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based collectibles game with PvP battles, has released a major update to its marketplace. According to the announcement, the update has added and consolidated a number of key features. For example, all Axie Infinity NFTs are now located in a single marketplace, including Axies, Land and items. The update also […]

Blockchain-Related Scam Emails Reach Nobel Prize Economist – BeInCrypto

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So Far, Not a Single ICO has been White-Listed by the Autorite des Marches in France

The “Loi Pacte” was approved by the French government earlier this year. the new law included multiple policy moves designed to improve the overall competitiveness of the French economy. As part of the legislation, France created bespoke rules for initial coin offerings. Under French law, a security is a security and, beyond some adjustments, digital […]

Compliant Digital Securities Platform Securitize Acquires BUIDL, a Japanese Blockchain Consulting Firm

Securitize, a platform for the issuance and management of compliant, blockchain-based digital securities, has reportedly acquired a Japanese consulting and development firm focused on distributed ledger technology, called BUIDL, in order to further expand its operations in Japan. We just announced at the Global Brain Alliance Forum in Tokyo that we are acquiring Japanese leading […]

Chrono Bank CEO Sergei Sergienko on tokenizing time

Blockchain has already transformed several industries, from finance to supply chain management, insurance to agriculture. For Sergei Sergienko, blockchain could do much more; it could tokenize time. Sergienko is the CEO of Chrono Bank, a startup that utilizes blockchain to transform the way individuals access jobs and businesses connect with contractors. He spoke to CoinGeek’s […]

Banque de France open to blockchain in central banks

Denis Beau, the First Deputy Governor of Banque de France, i.e., the French Central Bank is open to blockchain in central banks. Beau expressed this opinion recently while speaking at the AFME Annual Capital Markets Technology and Innovation Conference. Blockchain in central banks seems to be an idea whose time has arrived. Central banks have […]

UAE at the forefront of blockchain adoption – News

Dubai determined to launch initiatives and strategies to create future opportunities for blockchain-based transformation The UAE is one of the leading destinations for innovators and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space. The nation nurtures a robust blockchain tech innovation ecosystem by welcoming the newest and most forward-thinking blockchain startups from around the world. The […]

Italian Copyright Authority and Algorand Develop Blockchain Ecosystem for Copyright Management

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) has teamed up with Algorand to develop a new ecosystem for copyright management, based on Algorand’s recently launched blockchain platform. SIAE had already started to develop the project – with the help of “La Sapienza” University of Rome and consulting company Blockchain Core. SIAE has now decided […]