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THIS JUST IN! Bitcoin breaks five-figures for the first time in over a year. Evil conglomerate Facebook is developing its own stablecoin. In a rare moment of honesty, Craig Wright remarks about having read Satoshi’s whitepaper. For more cryptocurrency news and analysis, check out CoinCentral: https://coincentral.com Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency […]

Tron Founder Strikes ABSURD DEAL With Warren Buffet

THIS JUST IN! Google reportedly harms cryptocurrency news sites in latest update, resulting in CCN shutdown. Fair weather YouTuber Doug Polk returns to make another video. Justin Sun makes a hilariously absurd deal with Warren Buffet. Before Google forces us to shut down, check out CoinCentral: https://coincentral.com Doug Polk is a professional poker player and […]

We Need To Talk About Tether And Bitfinex

Today Bloomberg is reporting that Bitfinex has been subpoenaed by U.S. regulators. This is all regarding Tether, which is claimed to be pegged to the U.S. Dollar. Apparently this subpoena was actually issued on December 6th, but we’re just hearing about it today. This news has caused a lot of panic, as speculation has been […]

Crypto Catch-Up And NEW GIVEAWAY

I am giving away 3% of my WSOP Main Event action. This is a $300 buyin, plus the value of my play (I am fairly good at poker). I have given away over $40,000 in these types of giveaways in the past year or so, if youd like to join you can do so here: […]

BITCONNECT IS DEAD. What Happens Next?

Bitconnect has officially closed it’s doors, shutting down it’s trading platform and cashing everyone out in the form of BCC tokens. Of course, these tokens are now practically worthless. The owners have walked away with all the Bitcoin. The promotors of this ponzi scheme, such as CryptoNick, Trevon James, Ryan Hildreth, and Craig Grant are […]

Verge And PornHub MAKE HISTORY!

It finally happened. Verge talked a big game, claiming to announce the biggest partnership in the history of cryptocurrency. A lot of the haters and doubters scoffed, but XVG truly meant business. Now that this crypto is joining forces with PornHub, they are truly an unstoppable force, inevitably poised to surpass even Bitcoin. What a […]