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YOU Have Access to an Emerging Trend in Crypto Investing?

There might be an emerging trend in crypto investing occurring, following A16z’s investment in MKR and Placeholder/Paradigm’s investment in NMR. The best part about this trend? Regular, average Joe retail investors have access to these opportunities. Let’s talk about it all today! Sign up for the beta of HXRO and get 100 HXRO tokens https://cryptobobby.com/rekt […]

Hop on the Bitcoin Roller Coaster – Crypto Happy Hour

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptobobby Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Hop on the magical Bitcoin Roller Coaster, where we go up and down, up and down, but mostly up recently (until like an hour ago). Let’s hang out for Crypro Happy hour and talk a bit about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency markets today! Try Lolli to earn […]

What THE HECK is Happening??? – Crypto Happy Hour

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Bitcoin and Ethereum both fell off a damn cliff today, what the heck is going on? Let’s grab a beer and talk about the crypto world today! Thanks to today’s sponsor: eToro Get started trading today on eToro! https://cryptobobby.com/etoro #Bitcoin #Crypto #Ethereum Looking for a job in blockchain? Get started with Proof […]

New PUMP Trend – Chain Migrations? Binance and BNB

Chain Migrations might just be the “hot” “new” thing in crypto (again). Let’s talk about what happened today with Mithril and it’s migration to Binance Chain. We’ll also cover what’s happening with the BNB token and how it’s doing so well, significantly better than everything else. Get 100 free HXRO tokens to play Moon/Rekt when […]

Stop It, Get Some Help

The cryptocurrency community was ablaze yesterday after Messari published a research piece claiming that the #XRP market cap is likely overstated by about $6 billion. Of course, folks reacted calmly, including sending threatening messages and death wishes. Let’s talk about why the crypto community needs to better divorce themselves from their holdings and not react […]

Ah Crap HERE WE GO AGAIN – Crypto SAD Hour

Rut roh….. Sit back, grab a beer and let’s hang out for Crypto Happy Hour, I mean, sad hour. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Ethereum Looking for a job in blockchain? Get started with Proof of Talent – proofoftalent.co ** This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be […]

Big Banks Flip Flop on Crypto & Bearish Sentiment

After Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin “a fraud”, JP Morgan is evaluating a cryptoasset strategy moving forward. This on the back of Goldman Sachs creating a Bitcoin trading desk, I think will be the start of major banks rushing into crypto to avoid getting left behind by the competition. Let’s also have a look at the […]

The Trend is Your Friend Right Now

The crypto markets are back, or at least they are for now. Let’s talk about how 2019 has performed, especially in comparison to 2018, and why the trend in the crypto markets is actually your friend.  Try Lolli to earn Bitcoin back when you shop – https://cryptobobby.com/lolli Get 100 free HXRO tokens to play Moon/Rekt […]