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Crypto Markets Steady and Dollar Cost Averaging

Crypto markets are steady?! Yup, they are! Let’s talk about what dollar cost averaging is, why it’s a great way to continue investing in crypto and how to do it. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on CoinBase and get $10 worth free: https://cryptobobby.com/coinbase Secure your Crypto with a Ledger Nano S: Amazon (faster shipping): https://cryptobobby.com/ledger-amazon […]

Bitcoin's Lesson in Buying the Dips

Bitcoin’s drop in the past 24 hours, was followed by a quick, sharp recovery. It was literally a real-time lesson in how and why you should buy the dips. So let’s talk about what happened with Bitcoin, what the three main ways to play a dip are, and which one is best for you. Buy […]

Crypto Forking, Governance and 0x/DDEX

What does forking and governance have to do with token valuation? Let’s take a look at the situation currently playing out with 0x ($ZRX) and DDEX, one of the largest relayers in the 0x ecosystem, and why the future implications are incredibly interesting. Why we are forking 0x: https://medium.com/hydro-protocol/why-we-are-forking-0x-97dc48ee0426 Good thread from Kyle Samani of […]