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Digital Assets 101 – With Morgan Creek, CoVenture and CityBlock Capital

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and finance professionals alike are buzzing about the New York Stock Exchange’s recent announcement of Bakkt, “…an open platform that helps unlock the transformative potential of digital assets across global markets and commerce.” But what is a Digital Asset? You might have heard of Bitcoin but the popular cryptocurrency is just the beginning […]

Ethereum Salt Reaching Epic Levels

Ethereum, and most altcoins, are now the butt of every cryptocurrency joke, with $ETH’s value falling off the face of planet earth. Let’s discuss the current situation on Ethereum and more in today’s episode. Margin trade crypto to hedge your portfolio (only for advanced investors and traders): Bitmex – https://www.bitmex.com/register/9taqGR 1Fox – https://1fox.com/?t=6r Buy and […]

Crypto Bubble Debate Heats Up as Bitcoin hits $9,000

Bitcoin just hit $9,000 today and it’s rapidly heating up the “Is Cryptocurrency a Bubble” debate. Let’s look at what an economic bubble might mean, if we’ve already been there with crypto and how you should mentally prepare yourself if the crypto bubble “pops”. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on CoinBase and get $10 worth […]

SEC Readying to Drop the Hammer on ICO Projects?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the SEC has launched a probe into a number of recent ICO’s and cryptocurrency projects, without releasing specific names yet. I’ve personally heard some rumblings of this occurring through subpoenas to projects and it’s something that should probably be a bit scary for any “investor” in some of […]

Bitcoin Mining In Trouble? Examining the research and FUD

Bitcoin mining isn’t profitable anymore, miners are turning off their rigs, China runs Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin will soon be dead! Sounds familiar right? Let’s discuss the latest research from Coinshares on Bitcoin mining, and have a realistic conversation around the positives, negatives and what the future holds. Read the full report here: https://coinshares.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Mining-Whitepaper-Final.pdf Margin trade […]

Crypto Markets Steady and Dollar Cost Averaging

Crypto markets are steady?! Yup, they are! Let’s talk about what dollar cost averaging is, why it’s a great way to continue investing in crypto and how to do it. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on CoinBase and get $10 worth free: https://cryptobobby.com/coinbase Secure your Crypto with a Ledger Nano S: Amazon (faster shipping): https://cryptobobby.com/ledger-amazon […]

Bitcoin's Lesson in Buying the Dips

Bitcoin’s drop in the past 24 hours, was followed by a quick, sharp recovery. It was literally a real-time lesson in how and why you should buy the dips. So let’s talk about what happened with Bitcoin, what the three main ways to play a dip are, and which one is best for you. Buy […]

Crypto Forking, Governance and 0x/DDEX

What does forking and governance have to do with token valuation? Let’s take a look at the situation currently playing out with 0x ($ZRX) and DDEX, one of the largest relayers in the 0x ecosystem, and why the future implications are incredibly interesting. Why we are forking 0x: https://medium.com/hydro-protocol/why-we-are-forking-0x-97dc48ee0426 Good thread from Kyle Samani of […]