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Consolidating into Quality?

The past two months have been absolutely brutal if you’ve been long on the crypto markets. Today, the entire market is down about 10% across the board, with some cryptocurrencies down over 80% from their all time highs established back in December/January. Let’s talk about why consolidating into the “high quality” projects might be something […]

"The Bottom IS IN"

On December 10th, Delphi Digital published detailed Bitcoin analysis accurately predicting the bottom of the Bitcoin market. Join me for a conversation with Tom Shaughnessy from the Delphi Digital team to discuss crypto research, institutional investors, Bitcoin vs altcoin investments and much more. Let’s dive in to it! Follow Tom Shaughnessy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shaughnessy119 Check […]

A $1 BILLION Bitfinex IEO?? – Crypto Happy Hour

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptobobby Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ After countless troubles, Bitfinex is now contemplating raising $1 BILLION through a token sale (IEO). What in the name of Satoshi/Craig Wright? Let’s hang out for Crypto Happy Hour and talk through it. Grab a beer, whiskey, water or wine, it’s Crypto Happy Hour time! Get 100 free […]

Do NOT Buy These

IEOs are a trendy topic in cryptocurrency, but (so far) they’ve been a terrible investment to buy once they hit crypto exchanges. Let’s take a look at a few recent Binance IEOs and talk about why buying IEOs after listing is a bad idea, unless your goal is to lose money. Topic inspired by Alex […]

Partnership Pumps, DeFi and Sh!tcoin of the Week

Recurring guest, friend of the podcast and all-around homie Rocco is back for a long conversation about partnership pumps, the shitcoin of the week, the Bitfinex/Tether debacle, IEOs dying and much more. Sit back and enjoy this conversation, live IN STUDIO (aka my living room), with my friend Rocco.  Follow Rocco on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Obstropolos Get 100 […]

Why THIS Bitcoin chart matters

The crypto markets have been very interesting following the Bitfinex/Tether issues that have arisen in the media. But while things have been *relatively* stable following an immediate Bitcoin/crypto sell-off, a variety of factors are shaping up for increasing volatility. Let’s take a look at the Bitfinex Bitcoin premium and the rising funding rates that are […]