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Litecoin, Monero JUMP.. Is it due to Bitcoin's Civil War?

Monero (+300%) and Litecoin (+25%) have popped recently. Is it due to Bitcoin’s Civil War with Bitcoin Cash and now Segwit2x? Let’s talk about how Bitcoin’s issues might enable crypto like Litecoin and Monero to succeed, if the market seeks alternatives. Ultimately, I think Bitcoin’s issues will work themselves out (I hope), but for now, […]

I made a bad trade…

Have you ever made a trade and TOTALLY messed it up. Well, welcome to my life and my recent $ZCL (ZClassic) trade. Let’s analyze what I did and how I totally ignored my key principles because I got greedy. Here are my thoughts on the ZCL trade and how I messed it up: – I […]

4 Cryptos Ready to Spike? My picks

Looking for the next crypto about to take off in price? I give my thoughts on four cryptocurrencies that I think are ready for a strong upward price movement. 1. Ethereum (ETH) – I anticipate ETH moving strongly on Metropolis/Raiden and scaling improvements 2. Monero (XMR) – I anticipate privacy being an increasingly important crypto […]

EPIC Bitcoin Price Manipulation??

The price of Bitcoin fell 20% overnight as one trader dropped the market with a 2k BTC sell order on Bitstamp. Let’s talk about why an order of this size on Bitstamp would effect the entire cryptocurrency market and if it means anything for you. We also have a number of interview from Fluidity Summit, including […]

Crypto Happy Hour with Crypto Street Podcast

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptobobby Join me for a special Crypto Happy Hour, with the homies from Crypto Street Podcast. It’s that time to kick back, enjoy a few beers and talk about the day’s happenings in the world of Bitcoin, cryptoassets and more. Topics include: Are ICOs dead? More Mt Gox FUD Tezos run up […]

Is THIS the start of Altcoin Season?

After Bitcoin’s incredible run from $4,000 to over $8,000, altcoins are finally getting a pop on their BTC trading pairs. Is this the start of the famed “Alt Season”, or is it just a glitch in the matrix. Let’s discuss the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market cycle in today’s video that you need to keep an […]