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Crypto prices SURGE: Bitcoin breaks $3900! EOS up 30%

Crypto prices surged over the past 12 hours as Bitcoin passes $3900. We are seeing a greater ratio of longs vs shorts as the bear sentiment resides (however, RSI is overbought at 70%). On the news side, we have new Schnnor signatures tests being done on Bitcoin – potentially adding a lot of privacy on […]

Hacken (HKN) – Much needed anti-hacker protection

Hacken (HKN) is a token for White Hat hackers – the good guys in the hacker space. Hacken is building a community of white hats that will help protect software from cybersecurity attacks (Hacken Proof – Bug bounty program) and also offer anti-hacking services. They are essential in the cryptocurrency space as black hat hackers […]

What is OmiseGo (OMG) in a Nutshell

OmiseGo OMG Summary: http://boxmining.com/omisego/ OmiseGo is a decentralized exchange and wallet blockchain focused on banking for the unbanked. 0:23 Who is behind Omise 1:35 What is OmiseGo 3:25 Examples of use 5:43 Omise Go (OMG) Token 6:02 Current State of Omise Go Use code “6bXKwD” and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining! https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/287920 […]

Daily: EPIC FAIL – Bittrex IEO cancelled / Samsung S10 Blockchain Keystore

Bittrex did an oopsie – their first Initial Exchange Offering “RAID” was canceled 10 hours before launch. This last-minute cancellation was caused by RAID’s major partner, OP.GG canceling the partnership. Samsung s10 Blockchain Keystore is fully active in South Korea – viewer submitted clip of the Enjin Wallet + S10. CBOE Bitcoin Futures Cancelled #Bittrex […]

JP Morgan coin is a Scam: Here is why

JP Morgan coin is a scam – it’s solving a problem that has already been solved by Bitcoin. For centuries big banks have had a monopoly on currency transfers – and they charge a large premium for essentially sending digital IOUs to each other. Now they are taking our freely available technology as their own. […]

Bitcoin OTC: Uncovering offline trades & insights with OSL

A huge portion of Bitcoin to fiat trading is done outside of exchanges, through Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading such as OSL (https://www.osl.com). These trading desks match large clients (over 100,000 USD per transaction) and allow them to trade without affecting the underlying price. I get to the bottom of OTC trading with the help of OSL. […]