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Bitcoin has had a major correction this weekend – falling MORE than 15% to $42000 – are we still Bullish on Bitcoin after this crash? Does this signify the start of a Bear Season or a Bull Cycle. We look at recent data from funding rates, saving rates, institutional investors, Bitcoin Search data, and more […]

Game Changing DeFi: Earn Yield On Your Own Terms (Spool)

Spool is permissionless middleware that allows users and builders to access DeFi in a fully composable manner. It lays the foundation for a customizable, scalable, and efficient financial services ecosystem that bridges the gap between end users and DeFi primitives. Spool unlocks currently dormant capital and allows anyone to earn yield on their own terms […]

The Uniswap For Security Tokens Is Here!!! DO NOT MISS THIS

Today I sat down with the Co-Founder of IX Swap, Julian Kwan to discuss about the potential of the project and the security token sector. IX Swap is the “Uniswap” for security tokens (STO) and tokenized stocks (TSO). IX Swap is creating the world’s first liquidity pools and automated market makers (AMM) for security tokens […]

Polkadot Parachain Auction Latest Updates!!!

Parachains are an integral component of the Polkadot structure and vision. They are intended to connect to Polkadot by leasing a slot on the Relay Chain for up to 96 weeks with an option to review. With the parachain auctions underway and Acala winning the first round, the hype around Enjin’s Efinity Network is growing […]

Top 7 Metaverse Projects for December

Right now, it’s all about the Metaverse. That is why we will go over the top 7 Metaverse crypto Projects with Huge Potential for December. Metaverse is currently making headlines in the technology and cryptocurrency worlds. All cryptocurrency investors should be aware of this in order to turn a massive profit. The Metaverse is the […]

My NFT Adventure (Story Time)

Everyone is flocking to NFTs nowadays, whether you are a collector, or a musician, or an artist, or a celebrity, there is so much hype around this space. Even my mum and uncle were asking me about NFTs which absolutely blew my mind, I honestly did not expect her demographic would even heard of NFTs. […]

3 Altcoin GEMS to watch out for!! (HUGE potential)

Now is the perfect time to talk about 3 cryptocurrency gems to watch out for. These altcoin gems are coins we feel have huge potential and are going to take off to the moon especially where activity in the cryptocurrency scene are at all-time highs this month. The criteria for choosing these coins is that […]