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HUGE! New Gaming NFT Ecosystem for 250+ Brands

Epik is a company that partners with over 250+ gaming companies to provide unique in-game digital content and NFTs and make it easier for big name gaming companies to integrate NFTs into their games. Epik plans to launch a variety of new features including the EpikPrime+ membership which will give exclusive access to ultra-rare NFTs […]

Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum PRICE ANALYSIS | 8.6 Count Explained | ADA ETH BTC Cryptocurrency Trading

We welcome Jason Jenkins to Altcoin Buzz. We will be working with him on more price analysis, trading, and market prediction videos on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 0:00 Jason Jenkins Intro 1:34 Bitcoin Price analysis BTC 6:30 Ethereum Price Analysis ETH 8:10 Balancer Price Analysis BAL 11:25 Cardano Price Prediction ADA 🔷 TRADING SIGNALS https://t.me/AltcoinBuzzSignals […]

Polkadot Powered Splyt! Massive D-commerce Marketplace! with Cyrus Taghehchian

D-Commerce stands for Decentralized commerce! We speak with Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO of the Splyt protocol which is an open-source blockchain inventory observed to be “the next generation of e-commerce”, the next biggest step in digital commerce since the mass-adoption of the internet. A bold statement, but the vision and technology is promising to deliver. Splyt […]

Top 5 Altcoin Trends After the Crypto Crash

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets are currently undergoing their fifth major correction in the current cycle, and this one is the largest yet. Total market capitalization has fallen by over 1 trillion dollars. Dips are a healthy part of market cycles, the crypto market included, since prices do not move in a straight line. A number […]

Polkadot’s Next-Gen Crypto Social Social Media Platform

Subsocial is a next-generation decentralized social media platform that offers a fair monetization model for creators and allows anyone to build their own social network on top of the underlying Subsocial architecture. Because the platform is built on Polkadot and powered by smart contracts there are a number of unique features including the ability to […]


Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love! The CRWNY token is different from SPL brand loyalty tokens. We will first launch an ERC20 token on Ethereum, followed by a token migration to Solana post-launch. Our application is the bridge between the consumer and brand. The integrated SOL wallet will hold […]

Top 5 Profitable Coins in This Market Crash

Crypto and altcoin markets are continuing their downward slide. However, this has happened many times before, and there is nothing different about this market crash. An overheated market and a good dose of FOMO have driven many altcoins to new peaks over the past month or two. Naturally, those that rose the fastest are also […]


Convergence Finance is a decentralized interchangeable asset protocol that will bridge the gap between traditional financial instruments like stocks and decentralized finance. Current security tokens suffer from low liquidity and limited composability, and Convergence Finance hopes to change this by wrapping security tokens into a unique WST format that will allow them to become fully […]