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Cartesi: 10 Reasons CTSI Should be in Your Altcoin Portfolio πŸš€

Cartesi is taking smart contracts to the next level. It is solving the urgent problem of scalability and high fees on blockchains by implementing a variant of optimistic roll-ups. Most notably, Cartesi is revolutionizing smart contract programming by allowing developers to code with mainstream software stacks. Noether is Cartesi’s side-chain that’s optimized for ephemeral data, […]

MASSIVE!! Decentralized AWS?! Can StackOS Do a 100x?

StackOS is a decentralized, blockchain protocol that allows individuals to collectively offer a decentralized cloud that allows developers to deploy full-stack applications, decentralized apps, blockchain privatenets and mainnet nodes. It’s powered by the native STACK token and is designed to be cheaper, easier to use, and more robust than traditional, centralized cloud storage solutions. #StackOS […]

Earn CRYPTO, NFTs and PASSIVE INCOME With Trade Racer

Trade Racer is a blockchain based game that allows you to collect and race NFT cars, earn passive cryptocurrency income from owning race tracks, and win cryptocurrency for correctly predicting short term cryptocurrency price movements. Trade racer is powered by the IOI cryptocurrency token and combines the advantages of NFTs and blockchain technology with the […]


Crypto continues to be red hot right now. Check out 5 ADDITIONAL projects we have our eyes on in the cryptocurrency space that you may also want to add to your altcoin radar. #bitcoin #ethereum #altcoins πŸ”· TRADING SIGNALS – https://t.me/AltcoinBuzzSignals πŸ’‘ ALTCOIN BUZZ CHAT https://t.me/AltcoinBuzzChat πŸ”₯ TOP CRYPTO NEWS – https://www.altcoinbuzz.io πŸš€ FREE NEWSLETTER […]

Ethereum’s Ultimate Destiny: MOON

Ethereum More Valuable Than: Home Depot, Bank of America, Disney, Netsle, Procter and Gamble | Global Economic Fiat Inflation has Arrived (Steel, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Lumber, Negative Interest rates) | Enter ETH and Raoul Pal’s Exponential Age | Ethereum and VISA | Ethereum and Stablecoins | Ethereum and DeFi | Ethereum and NFTs | Ethereum […]

The Crypto Prophecies – Earn Crypto, Collect NFTs, and Battle Other Players

The Crypto Prophecies is a blockchain based game that allows you to earn crypto by competing in head to head matches against an opponent and correctly predicting crypto price movements. The game combines cryptocurrency technical analysis, the excitement of head to head competition, the ability to earn cryptocurrency rewards, and the possibility of collecting powerful […]

Bearish on Crypto and Altcoins!? NO WAY!!! πŸ€£πŸš€

Crypto Altcoin Market Update: BakerySWap (BAKE), OKB, VeChain (VET) | Umbrella Network Scaling Solutions and BSC Rumors | Uniqly UNIQ, Chainlink LINK, Fractal FCL, DAFI Protocol, DAO Maker, Blind Boxes BLES #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto πŸ”· ALTCOIN TRADING SIGNALS – https://t.me/AltcoinBuzzChat πŸ”₯ TOP CRYPTO NEWS – https://www.altcoinbuzz.io πŸš€ FREE NEWSLETTER – http://eepurl.com/dnIEz1 πŸ”Ά TWITTER – https://twitter.com/altcoinbuzzio […]