Top 7 Metaverse Projects for December

Right now, it’s all about the Metaverse. That is why we will go over the top 7 Metaverse crypto Projects with Huge Potential for December. Metaverse is currently making headlines in the technology and cryptocurrency worlds. All cryptocurrency investors should be aware of this in order to turn a massive profit. The Metaverse is the term we’ve provided to what we expect the internet to become: a collision between the digital and physical worlds, when virtual reality and augmented reality bridge the gap and allow the physical and virtual worlds to interact closely.

0:00 Introduction
1:47 Metaverse project 1
3:42 Metaverse project 2
4:37 Metaverse project 3
5:43 Metaverse project 4
7:03 Metaverse project 5
7:40 Metaverse project 6
9:09 Metaverse project 7

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


28 replies
  1. Mr A
    Mr A says:

    Like your content…. But your forced accent is a little annoying… it’s queens English … normal English and then a little Chinese English lol

    Pick one please

  2. Dan M
    Dan M says:

    Long term decentraland is terrible. It has no foundation, just first mover. While this hype is up sure it will do good. Noone is switching from "fortnite" or "rust" whatever game for decentraland because it has crypto… all these terrible games won't be around in 10 years. Crypto works best in mmos or other ACTUAL games that have a continuous and longterm game.

  3. jimonius7
    jimonius7 says:

    In America you have what's called a double accent which is impossible to listen to. I know that you might be smart but holyshit I can't hear anything you're saying……. subtitles Maybe?

  4. Your Answers
    Your Answers says:

    Lol.. claiming to do research put blatantly skipped a project that has already had live VR concerts with celebrities and is in talks with Facebook for possible acquisition. *cough (redacted) VR *cough


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