TAXES ON CRYPTO GAINS! Staking/Farming/Lending

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23 replies
  1. J M
    J M says:

    Hi there! Could you do a video on trading volume for crypto in Portugal, is there a threshold of the amount you can trade in a given time period? if you actively trade to much when living in Portugal on D7 Visa does it become ae taxable event in Portugal as you are deemed to be working there is what im trying to say. thanks for your help!

  2. wallace cheung
    wallace cheung says:

    they really need to get these law codes updated for crypto. if you farm or get air drop a of an inflationary token (decreases in value as it multiplies), the initial value might change drastically from the time you acquire it to when you actually sell it. it could be worthless at a later date. so you could be paying taxes on something that you get no value out of later on.

  3. Bob Smith
    Bob Smith says:

    ERRRRRRRRR was that supposed to finish at 3 mins 20 seconds – Heidi? I am from the UK, this is called UNcrystalised gains and is NOT taxable until converted to Fiat ….. how ever the interest from staking is considered a gain which we do have to pay Capital gains tax on. GRRRRRR

  4. 01 02
    01 02 says:

    thanks to both the tax guy and YOU! for bringing us this information..also for caring about those of us still 'married' to the USA, even as – some of us, anyway – are looking at legally breaking up with our country at some point…also, fun crypto coin background, I like it!👍


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