This Will Push Bitcoin to Prices You CAN’T IMAGINE!

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  1. TexMex
    TexMex says:

    Good perspective! Self custodial v Jurassic park. I suspect in the near future if someone with an employer plan or individual plan has option, the traditional assets will be pushed to the side if Crypto is an option in the funds. The only stocks that will remain relevant are the ones which have CEO's with a talent to reach the younger investors, eg Musk type. The old dry MBA type will not relate his product to what's buying these days. They're done.

  2. Knox Lowe
    Knox Lowe says:

    Pension funds are managed by a board of directors and they are notoriously slow to invest in anything new. BTC has to be on their radar by now but I would be very surprised to see these funds invest into BTC before the next major bear cycle completes and we are well into the following bull run. Probably 3 or 4 years down the road. Too bad for them because all traditional markets will likely be toast by then.

  3. bbjunkie1023
    bbjunkie1023 says:

    Unfortunately the UK government has banned retail investors from having cryptocurrencies in their pensions here 🙁 the closest we can do is buy $MSTR or similar stocks. Can buy it no problem from exchanges with fiat, but not with a pension fund 🙁


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