BIG TROUBLE – ParaSwap PSP!! Decentraland Metaverse Hosts an Embassy, Fantom Wanchain bridge is live

The METAVERSE could get its first embassy in DECENTRALAND!! Paraswap $PSP AIRDROP is upon us but is facing a major controversy. The token touched its all-time high and all-time low within the 24 hours of the airdrop. Paid Network is getting their own NFT’s, Soccer fans have a new token to cheer for, invest in MORE THAN CRYPTO with Labs Group Crowdfunding!! The FANTOM X WANCHAIN BRIDGE is ready, TrustPad falls into the arms of Solana, and Blue Horizon NFT marketplace IDO is READY FOR LIFTOFF!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:35 Introduction
00:57 Barbados Embassy x Decentraland Metaverse
1:47 Paraswap AIRDROP!!
2:24 Paid Network NFT’s
2:47 $ARG Soccer Token
3:16 Labs Group CROWDFUNDING!!
3:36 Fantom x Wanchain Bridge
4:00 TrustPad Integrates with Solana
4:23 Blue Horizon IDO Launch

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