How to Gain Portuguese Tax Residency for Europeans

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0:00 Registering as Resident in Portugal
1:30 Resident certificate for Tax status
2:45 Do you have to live in Portugal for 183 days?
3:25 Portugal tax authority
4:00 Double tax agreements and NHR
5:00 Crypto taxes



31 replies
  1. Casey AF
    Casey AF says:

    i live in germany and crypto-taxes are not just high but also very complicated to file. (been wanting to move to portugal before i got into crypto, so that is not the only reason for me to move there). definitely going to shoot her an e-mail once i'm ready! helpful and motivational video – wants me to make the move sooner than later! can't wait for more content on this. thank you!

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Hi, I am an European citizen living in the Schengen area. As I know, the European Commission is planning to tax cryptos in all countries in the EU soon because they want to participate on the crypto gains that we are all experiencing right now. I guess there will be a minimum capital gains tax, on crypto. Austria is releasing a regulation about crypto’s at the beginning of 2022. Germany is also considering to taxcryptos up to 50%. The EU-Commission is looking on these two countries what will happen.

    What’s Marias estimation on that?

    Thanks, for your good job on that issue.

  3. Pierro
    Pierro says:

    If you could(in the next vid) go through the taxation coming from the revenues from crypto like staking, APY from Celsius, trading…that would be great. So if I understood it takes 183 days having a main address in Portugal(and residing of course) to become a tax resident there for an EU citizen like French for instance? And what happens if Portugal decides to tax crypto next year, do we have any hints on what the tax agency in Portugal is planning for the years ahead when it comes to crypto taxation? I mean they must be aware that a lot of young people are moving there for that reason… Anyway that said I'd move to Portugal for the people, the culture, the beauty of this country and everything else is a cherry on the top 🙂

  4. Lars Trillingsgaard
    Lars Trillingsgaard says:

    Hi Maria!
    I have my Bitcoin on a certificate/tracker (Bitcoin XBTE), not in a wallet. How will I be taxed if I move to your beautiful country. Arriving in Portugal in a weeks time to check every thing out. Cant wait 🙂

  5. Martina
    Martina says:

    I´m European and I´m going to retire soon ( yes, I´m a boomer AND I´m female AND I`m heavily into crypto.). What happens with my pension if I move to Portugal???

  6. Jon D
    Jon D says:

    What about interest income? Is interest income earned from crypto that is held on a yield generating platform like Celsius that pays 10% APY on USDC taxed in portugal?

  7. Steffen Weege
    Steffen Weege says:

    Hi Heidi and Maria, as always great video, thank you!!!
    Maybe you could talk about passive income through staking (e.g. Cardano) in the next video? How is this topic seen in Portugal? Thanks!


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