Bitcoin ETF DENIED! Should You PANIC??

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  1. vegas23
    vegas23 says:

    People who expected different and are freaking out are newbies keep that in mind-And by newbies mean you are still a newbie when u have only been in crypto 3 years or less

  2. Debi Dunigan Vitt
    Debi Dunigan Vitt says:

    Would you invest more in BIT or ETH if you were to choose right now? Or would you split 50/50. I hear eth is going to end up on top is there any truth to that in your opinion?Any guidance would be helpful.

  3. 1967MGC
    1967MGC says:

    I'm not worried a bit. I was waiting for a dump to have more buying opportunities. BTW, I was distracted by the peaceful scenery in the background. A good distraction! Keep up the good work.


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