Genopets ($GENE) move to earn NFT game: Play to earn evolved?

Genopets ($GENE) is the first NFT game to introduce the concept of move-to-earn- the next generation of play-to-earn gaming. Inspired by the success of Pokemon GO and built on Solana, Genopets is an NFT game that allows players to nurture and evolve their own Genopet, a digital spirit animal. Keep your Genopet in your pocket everywhere you go and get rewarded for going out or running your next marathon. Then, after a long day, just kick back, relax, and claim the fruits of your labor.

Today I sat down with the CEO of Genopets, Albert Chen to discuss his vision for Genopets and what the community can expect from this revolutionary NFT game.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Genopets Overview
3:27 Inspiration for Genopets
5:20 How to make it sustainable?
8:00 Idea behind Genopets
11:28 What can the community expect?

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