BREAKING: Litecoin (LTC) news- market MANIPULATION? 45k Bitcoin (BTC) from FTX raises alarms

Various crypto news outlets reported on a Walmart and Litecoin (LTC) partnership today, causing massive excitement amongst cryptocurrency traders and prices skyrocketing nearly 30%. However, this all turned out to be fake news and prices plummeted immediately afterwards.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Walmart x Litecoin partnership news- market manipulation
3:03 Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin
3:58 Ernst & Young to work with Polygon on Ethereum scaling
4:50 Where are the 45,000 Bitcoins from FTX going?
6:51 SEC threatens to sue Coinbase

In this video, Nate (Cryptonauts), Gemmy (Crypto Gemmy) and I look at how crypto media is used as a tool for price manipulation as well as the top cryptocurrency news of the day.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


37 replies
  1. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    Stop the immature yelling in the background. These folks are terrible. Their delivery is so choppy. It's freaking irritating listening to them speak. Listen to coin bureau, crypto r us. They are so much more smooth

  2. Shon Misner
    Shon Misner says:

    Lol, this here is it, and it's amusing as well, I LOVE this update mates, it's right on track. Litecoin would have pumped higher if and only if it was a real and proper implementation of strategy, thanks guys, this is cool, thanks crypto Gemmy

  3. Jose Hanner
    Jose Hanner says:

    Lol, SEC x COINBASE feud is really off the charts, and how long they've been going for is quite questionable, The SEC's tiff with Coinbase may be indicative of its move toward regulating crypto more heavily.

  4. Jimi Calleigh
    Jimi Calleigh says:

    Thanks a lot guys, you know your work well enough, Litecoin, SEC x COINBASE feud, Bitcoin hacks, you guys know your news source well, love love love your update guys, Crypto Gemmy continue what you're doing. I'm more interested in litecoin scandal and the massive pump and dump within few minutes, it's kinda unexpected

  5. cryptogenesis
    cryptogenesis says:

    Yea this was shocking and the more shocking part was the boost in the rate of litecoin from a $180 to $240, though litecoin really has a lot of potential, but it's looking like it's gotten to it stable season for some time, thanks man, cool update

  6. Jacques Zagury
    Jacques Zagury says:


    I liked it, it’s getting funnier !! I love your channel and you are very talented. As long as you are making content for the audience you want to connect with, they will love and appreciate your work. The energy in this video is great and makes sense when the market is rallying .. crypto IS fun

    However, as someone who has followed this channel for years and seen you time and time again make life changing calls in this space, I was a little bit surprised that you didn’t go for a more formal deep dive segment, I know they are a lot more work.. maybe offer options for people that are looking for your insight on new and interesting projects !!


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