Better than Axie Infinity? Earn $200 a day | Trade Race Manager

We love play to earn games like Axie Infinity but we wanted to find other play to earn NFT games which could potentially earn more money than Axie Infinity. When we first tried, IOI Trade Race Manager we have to admit we were not immediately convinced but we figured out a way to make it work.

If you plan to play for free, it is not easy to earn. BUT if you treat this like a business investment and buy their NFT, you can potentially hit up to US$200 a day or even more. It is not so easy and that is why made this IOI Trade Race Manager tutorial video to guide you how we did it. We will show you how to play IOI Trade Race Manager and how to win trade race manager. However, you have to buy their NFTs (non fungible tokens) to use our guide.

We calculated that if you play the game everyday, 8 hours a day, within 60 days you can earn back 100% of your investment in their NFTs. That is why we LOVE blockchain games.

0:00 Intro to IOI Trade Race Manager and Axie Infinity
3:18 How to Play Trade Race Manager
5:32 Demo Race
6:18 Tip #1
7:47 Trade Race Manager vs Axie Infinity : Earnings Compared
16:05 Tip #2
17:11 Tip #3
17:27 Tip #4
18:18 Tip #5
19:40 Tip #6
20:30 IOI Token Price
20:49 Final thoughts on the play to earn games

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This guide contains the details where you can buy the IOI tokens, how to buy them, and how to deposit and withdraw IOI from Trade Race Manager.

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We also added aTrade Race Manager vs Axie Infinity Earnings Comparison Google Sheet for you.


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  1. Luiz Hoffman
    Luiz Hoffman says:

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    WAMBHSE says:

    So after you buy The Cars/Nfts you can play for 8 hours a day and it doesn't cost you anything? Also do you only win if you get first place? Thank you for the info and the reply

  3. Sunny Liwei
    Sunny Liwei says:

    That makes sense, good thing is, people are getting to know Cash is thrash! It is designed to fail. 3 BEST and surprisingly easy ways to double/hold your funds in 2021 amongst the following; Realts, Gold, Criptto, FX?

  4. Altcoin Buzz
    Altcoin Buzz says:

    Download our FREE PDF GUIDE: How to Buy and Sell IOI Tokens here 
    The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell IOI.pdf

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  5. Dick Heasa
    Dick Heasa says:

    Bruuuh im sorry but bring back Jeff he was one of the boys.. Miss seeing that dude on here from 2017 keep the content coming never the less good to see your still working on the channel 👍

  6. PotatoCat
    PotatoCat says:

    The initial investment costs are shown. But what about cost to fuel your NFT to race? I didn't see that anywhere. Or does it not actually cost the fuel you choose?

  7. Manella James
    Manella James says:

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  8. OGKush617
    OGKush617 says:

    IMHO I like the idea of these type of NFT games but they have a very high start up investment/cost, especially to then make you grind on a video game full time to keep it working for you. Just buy Bitcoin and hold and you'll be free to play whatever video games you want.

  9. jogurtfarbe
    jogurtfarbe says:

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