What If the USD Goes into Hyperinflation??

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0:00 How do you think the crypto market would react if the US went into hyperinflation?
2:10 Other inflation hedges
3:25 Capital controls
4:00 Global implications
5:20 CBDCs
6:00 DEXs
8:00 Regulations
9:30 Shutting down the internet

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21 replies
  1. JNN321 M
    JNN321 M says:

    Too many uncertainties around the world. You have viruses, variants, plus countries like north korea, china, iran creating regional tensions. Institutions, investors will always seek the safety of the u.s dollar. USD index is already up 3% this year but mind you not everybody wants a strong dollar during the Obama era when usd index is above 100. It makes export price uncompetitive and our global companies like coke, colgate, McDnld have to produce more revenues in specific foreign currencies to make a dollar.

  2. Giak
    Giak says:

    There's a community in Central Portugal that don't use money. It's a small village in the mountains and citizens only barter and trade for goods and services. That's were I would like to move. Weird how a communist leaning government like portugal allow such freedom

  3. Isauro Bargas
    Isauro Bargas says:

    Won't we need a stable coin to tether to? I understand people will flock to BTC, ETH, ADA, and other to protect themselves. However, people will need a stable coin to transact with. Any idea of what that may be?

  4. Jack Jones
    Jack Jones says:

    And the reality in the US is that we now have a pseudo oligarchy where the government is actively colluding with Big Tech to further censor and regulate the citizenry.

  5. Suron Soon
    Suron Soon says:

    It too big for sleepy joe to shut it down, so he will taxes you instead…if the crypto market caps reach 50 trillion in 10 years think of how much capital gain tax they have suck of crypto…

  6. Suron Soon
    Suron Soon says:

    It too expensive for me btc, so I stick to eth, cardano, doge, shibaswap, polygon, polka dot, hedera hasgraph…if bitcoin goes to mars the rest of alt coin will capitalise from it

  7. A D
    A D says:

    Cryptos have been great and they give the masses an option to fiat currency. I've done OK with a modest investment. I do worry about the Govs reaction and impact on them with regulatory and taxation rules.

  8. Michel Bisson
    Michel Bisson says:

    Yes if you want to see how it will be go in cuba now, total chaos all over just in holguin i lost 4 friends from covid just last week and came close to lose an other one lately an excellent cardioloque just 36 yrs old, we live in a chaotic world I support some families there through a group from spain who bring foods, meats and the essentials.if USA go though this process it will be very hard..The level of corruption in democratic institutions, financial world medias, everywhere it is not acceptable and we will reset..


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