Conflict of Interest Exposed within U.S. Infrastructure Bill

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43 replies
  1. JeSuis Harley
    JeSuis Harley says:

    The Democrat "infrastructure" Bill is a crime against humanity. The amount of insane, far-Left, "woke" "equity" garbage that will be getting billions of dollars from the tax-payer is VILE.

  2. Live With Aidan
    Live With Aidan says:

    We are thinking of liquidating our stock portfolio and moving into crypto. We are looking at moving off shore from Canada and possibly severing ties. I know you both recommend dollar cost averaging into the market for crypto. What would you suggest as a timeline for investing a big sum into the crypto market?

  3. 1967MGC
    1967MGC says:

    Canada already has spot-settled Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. They'll be glad to relocate the relocated Chinese miners from the US. They're a logical choice as they have the second-largest hydroelectric capacity in the world.

  4. K van W
    K van W says:

    If i may add:
    The US is making a total fool of itself FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, since crypto is global and the whole world is watching the dinosaurs in the government showing of their ignorance and their corruption.
    If the US was not alreade a banana republic it has definitle become now.

  5. RenéMarie
    RenéMarie says:

    I don't want to be here at all. I am done with this place but my husband is not interested in renouncing and we've got grown daughters who would be devastated if we left.

  6. MrSatstube
    MrSatstube says:

    This is True Toby/Heidi… I see exactly what is going on.. Basically those with the highest stakes to loose will do Any and Everything to Stop Delay Halt Stunt the progress of DEFI/, CRYPTO, this is done so institutions like the banks can buy time to diversify to new income streams … Just like what the tobacco and fossil fuel companies did by delaying EVs whilst they hedged their business models to other businesses… This Crypto cripple will come sadly…

  7. DudeX01
    DudeX01 says:

    I think the military funding amendment demand was a distraction. It is his banking contributions. Look at those. They are on twitter too. Sen. Ted Cruz politely ripped him apart.


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