Before You Stake Your ETH, Consider This…

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Guide for running your own ETH staking node:
Staking calculator: scale for APR%:
Here is a website showing the stats of ETH 2.0:
Here’s one showing the history of staked ETH and APYs of different staking platforms:
Helpful Article on VaaS (Validator as a Service)
Other staking service providers:

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Video Suggestions for Beginners to Crypto:
– When did Crypto Start?:
– Why Bitcoin?:
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– If Your Hardware Wallet is Lost or Stolen:
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– Without This, Crypto Won’t Survive:
– How To Use the Most Popular Privacy Coins:

0:00 Your ETH are Locked
1:52 More ETH staked = lower APY
4:53 Staking on exchanges
8:18 Staking services/ staking pools
11:15 VaaS (Validators as a Service)



29 replies
  1. CryptoMooniac
    CryptoMooniac says:

    I am surprised you didn’t mention Stafi. I like their liquidity staking solutions not only for Ethereum but for other chains as well. Take a look and hope you can share your thoughts.

  2. Magrotth
    Magrotth says:

    That was Super Useful, guys! AS USUAL! xD

    Thanks a bunch!!!

    I'd like to point You at a particular direction, as a channel for crypto topics:

    I just saw some information of FATF regulations coming in October this year. I was wondering what do You think and how will You interpret the information.

    You can find the topic here, in reddit, with headline: Governments Planning Global Coordinated Regulation of Crypto Currencies From October 2021 Onwards [Due Diligence] .

    The information is backed up by some solid link directions.

    I'd love to hear the thoughts of several educators in the crypto space, IF you have time to check it out! 😉

  3. Live With Aidan
    Live With Aidan says:

    Hey Heidi, we are thinking of liquidating our investment portfolio and doing crypto. For big amount, what do you suggest on how to put it in the market? I know you mention dollar cost average, would that be best to put it all in within a month or two or spread it even longer?

  4. GuyB
    GuyB says:

    Wow, POS returns suck compared to POW ETH returns of late. With POW you are currently getting 100% ROI in investment costs in about 9 months even with hyped up GPU prices and EIP1559 returns. Word is due to the difficulty bomb deadline, odds are high the Merge may even happen in early Dec 21 or late Jan 22. I hope not, but it is what it is.


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