Ethereum London ETH Hard Fork + Green Market Updates 🚀

Ethereum London Hard fork is now live and ETH is becoming a deflationary token with a decreasing supply. We also look at the bitcoin market and cover Zookeeper, Cartesi, B21 and Tomochain updates.

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0:00 Crypto Market Market
2:34 Bitcoin Fear and Greed Indicator
3:12 Ethereum ETH London Hard Fork Upgrade
6:29 ZooKeeper ZooRena Update
8:33 Cartesi CTSI and Revolut Updates
11:15 B21 Integrates with Polygon MATIC
11:49 Tomochain Governance Grants TOMO

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  1. Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia says:

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  2. Linda Simon
    Linda Simon says:

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  3. Chaz Kitts
    Chaz Kitts says:

    I love ethereum. Hopefully the latest crypto legislation gets revised. The US government is trying to kill crypto. Don't forget to call your local government and voice your opinion.
    Keep up the great work. Love the content!

  4. Heaven Shawna
    Heaven Shawna says:

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