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25 replies
  1. Down Town Music
    Down Town Music says:

    Love to hear how you two created your life style. It reminds me of the book I read years ago, the 4hr work week. I've implemented many aspects and am so close to living life where I own my time. Great work guys! 💪🏄‍♂️♥

  2. Manuel L
    Manuel L says:

    I wish one of my friends didn’t talk to me out of buying bitcoin in 2010 calling it nerd money 🙁
    Glad I am back after opening an old wallet from 2017 🙂 it was only half a btc but enough to hook me back in

  3. uli rudolph
    uli rudolph says:

    You Guys..! I'm in Canada and I'm relatively new to the cryptoverse and I'd discovered your Y/T channel about 2 months before taking the plunge. Admittedly, some of your content was well over my head, being new to the space, but I've nevertheless appreciated the 'not financial advice' content as a whole. Said that to say this; today's clip (#33) brought the sense of realism home. With both of you describing your early days, the reality that both of you are just regular folks with relatively humble beginnings like most of the rest of us, speaks volumes! The takeaway here simply that anyone (anyone!) with a bit of available cash can get on this moving train. Regardless of the crypto price today, this train has only barely left the station… that it really IS still very early.
    And whomever said 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' was clearly mistaken, 'cuz I'm an old guy at 68 y/o. The key is to maintain an open mind, to be open to embrace this new frontier. Thx for what you do, and congratulations on achieving the level of wealth that affords you the lifestyle freedom that most of the world have only so far only imagined.

  4. Ryan D
    Ryan D says:

    It truly is inspiring whats being said here in this video. Even more so, whats being shown, through Heidi's adoring eyes towards Toby. Amazing stuff you two. You have me inspired that a powerful relationship with a like minded woman is possible.


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