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  1. Hexadecimal
    Hexadecimal says:

    Thanks IvanonHEX for being fair. <3 I know you'll probably catch flak for being fair and listening to RH. Hope your HEX bags have gotten massive!!! 🔥🚀🤑👍🏻

  2. Toddm
    Toddm says:

    Oh my… has 33 validators? Seems centralised to me plus they are using fast hardware to increase their tps? You can fork ETH all you want and will still never ever be able to compete with layer 0 Avalanche. Another over hyped project going nowhere except to make the founders/early investors. Upcoming avalanche bridge will be like nothing the crypto space as seen. Already have over 1000 full block producing validators.

  3. Lachry Matory
    Lachry Matory says:

    The world Is crowded enough tbh, I wouldn't mind losing a few billion, we don't want even more people. Besides old people you speak to all reach the same conclusion, that they've had enough of life and cannot wait to die. Although if there were more people, then everyone would die from wars or starvation instead of old age.

  4. Justin Chapman
    Justin Chapman says:

    Big ideas Dick Heart, if you believe so much why don't you put more of your millions into it? I like the talking point and believe that we can solve the aging question, but I don't believe that you have anything but a selfish interest in it.


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