Cryptocurrency for Real Estate: Door Coin

The Door Token is designed to reward homeowners for opting in to sharing information about their home. When using the Door Protocol, homeowners are able to mint property data that is represented as an ERC 1155 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and receive crypto rewards every time that their data is viewed. Door is also designed to help service professionals find homeowners that need their services, and electricians, real estate agents, and other professionals can easily use the Door Marketplace to find homeowners that need the services they offer.

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00:00 Introduction
01:19 What Is Door?
03:39 Door Wallet
07:38 Dual Token Model
11:40 Team Overview
13:14 Uniswap
13:36 Conclusion


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  5. PM V
    PM V says:

    You had me until the idea of putting my driver's license onto a public blockchain.

    That seems like a show stopper for this sort of thing. In a few years maybe be different

  6. Guido
    Guido says:

    believing in decentralization and privacy while pushing a coin that invades our privacy and exposes our entire life to the whole world ….. no offense, but no thanks!

  7. Dan Marlin
    Dan Marlin says:

    Thanks for the video. While there's some very good thought on the coin as a whole, it all comes down to adoption. It's going to be extremely difficult to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries and how they work now. To incentivize them to change is almost a futile effort and I'm not seeing it but I wish them good luck.


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