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0:00 Second Citizenship Required
1:20 Requirements for Renouncement
3:30 Not to Be Taken Lightly!
4:00 Being an Active Voter
5:00 Freedom with Crypto
6:41 Living Abroad
7:20 Benefits of St. Kitts & Nevis
8:00 FACTA and FBAR

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21 replies
  1. Rob B
    Rob B says:

    As a nurse I'll say that shirt is kinda obnoxious and representative of a dangerous anti science sentiment. Still cool to hear your story though and we don't have to agree on everything. At least you're on a sparsely populated island safe from the pandemic!

  2. Hima Agacia
    Hima Agacia says:

    Much agreed the US miltary is basically used as ISRAELS BIG BAD BULLY FRIEND… We help Israel to hell and back and all they do is invert our culture poison the entertainment and blackmail and extort the Policitcians. EPSTIEN WAS MOSSAD…. IF YOU PAY TAXES TO THESE GOVT OFFICIALS YOU ARE DUM

  3. Meros Karsten
    Meros Karsten says:

    Flexing on your beautiful beaches and complaining about the wrong doing of the government , but had you really think of the reason you can achieve those are from the broken weird financial system we had and not from your 'hard labour' . World is unfair while alot people sweating their ass doing hard labour for tiny bit of money and some people just got lucky and sit infront of their camera simply just talking crap that most people like to hear.
    To be clear im not angry or anything ,it just felt weird how the world works but people who dont give an actual fk and just continue playing and following the broken system are the one that are 'successful' (wealthy)


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