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Controlling the supply:
Burned transactions:

0:00 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) centralization
3:30 Poor score on
4:46 Unlimited supply
7:20 Token burning explained
8:00 Manual token burnings
10:00 Dev Address

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28 replies
  1. Adrian Tan
    Adrian Tan says:

    hi Heidi, CZ did mention that binance smart chain is not centralized in one of his interview, people percept it is centralized because of the name(binance) in front…

  2. Lance Roberts
    Lance Roberts says:

    I've always had 2 questions: 1) how are prices actually set on a swap like that. I always seem to pay more than they originally stated, and there is no way for me to set the price. 2) what use is CAKE besides staking since they actually use BNB for liquidity?

  3. FiveAble
    FiveAble says:

    Heidi, Here is another one for you: People also aren’t talking about the fact that if you keep your Cardano/ADA on an exchange you won’t be able to participate/vote in Cardano Governance. My guess is exchanges like Binance will want to find a way to vote for the ADA they hold the keys for. Also, if you use a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano X with Daedalus you can’t currently vote. Of course staking is also a concern if you leave your ADA on an exchange that has no staking functionality.

  4. Jeremy Wright
    Jeremy Wright says:

    I don't really like Binance ecosystem precisely due to the centralisation. Your much more Subject to counterparty risk. Even the most saintly developers are not immune to coercion from governments and central bankers hostile to crypto.

  5. narek Bojikian
    narek Bojikian says:

    I have been wondering for a while though, how pancakeswap platform earns money. Did they announce a legit way (a small portion of each swap operation for example), or do they merely profit from their ergonomics (creating more tokens and selling them for example)?

  6. Kimberly Wilcox
    Kimberly Wilcox says:

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  7. evilferris
    evilferris says:

    This sounds like explaining to someone from the sticks why not to play ‘3 Card Monte’ outside the bus station when they vacation in New York for the first time.


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