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0:00 What are you thoughts on Token Metrics and Market Cypher script? Are they worth it?
6:05 What are the best places (lowest fees) to buy bitcoin for larger orders that are at least $25k and sometimes several hundred thousand dollars?
8:05 What are your top ~3 safest and most profitable ways to earn interest on our crypto?

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24 replies
  1. Sumdum Gi
    Sumdum Gi says:

    Really looking forward to the tutorial on AAVE & MATIC. think I’d be far mor comfortable with that compared to Celsius which I’m currently using.
    Cheers guys & thank you.

  2. Dipbull Pumpgun
    Dipbull Pumpgun says:

    I like your videos a lot, thanks for providing them to us! There is only one thing unclear to me. I wonder if people who need to be encouraged to be disobedient can be particularly disobedient. And if they are already disobedient, they will probably stay disobedient even without an order. Is "stay disobedient!" an often used phrase in English, or am I once again not getting a joke? Because that happens occasionally. 🙂

  3. Will Power
    Will Power says:

    I love you guys but I gotta disagree with you on TM. Ian is the real deal. Imho. Time will tell if their service is any good. I do agree with you that you cannot just depend on them to make decisions for you. Still have to DYOR. They are just one source of info.
    I have not joined their service. It does seem pricey.
    Edit. I get your concern w bankster firms but I think they realized what was going on and got out.

  4. taY Ç
    taY Ç says:

    Well I got helped with $22k from Techcode001 on !G when I was broke,my bills got sorted out thanks to you guys I had doubts at first but I’m glad I gave it a shot


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