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48 replies
  1. Simon Sozzi
    Simon Sozzi says:

    That the president is a Puppet charlatan? That he's going to allow ALL business to accept Bitcoin… that goes directly into his own pockets and then to fund Narco trafficking?

  2. FX-SHO
    FX-SHO says:

    Agree with a lot of what you all say BUT…….Disagree with your opinions on the alt coins. Please name one Alt Coin that is TRULY DECENTRALIZED. If Bitcoin Fails – THEY ALL FAIL — HENCE Bitcoin MAXIE!

  3. jj nn
    jj nn says:

    This is from the perspective of someone from a country without hyper inflation. It allows people opportunities, that they didn't have before.

  4. The Pman Van
    The Pman Van says:

    You are wrong. Do your research first. They can accept and turn it in to fiat. So calm down. Very disappointed in you guys. You have no idea what Satoshi wanted so please.

  5. Robert Ramrez
    Robert Ramrez says:

    Fantastic video ❤ I still see Cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and I totally love the technology when it comes to the largest Crypto asset Bitcoin. As a trader I have been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypto and everyone has there opinions when it comes to choosing sides,though I am not kicking against hodl , but I see it as an odd and old strategy to make profit of the market as when the market goes bearish investors/traders looses there investment which is very painful ,when you can take advantage of the market involving yourself in day trading or copying trade alert from a professional trader that understand the market and use strategy to generate signals daily to make profit to grow your portfolio as I have been doing with Mr jones carter for the past 5 weeks and I have been able to day trade to grow my initial 0.8btc to 6.8btc which you would rethink and see that trading is better/profitable Mr jones carter daily signals is very accurate and always yeilds a positive return on investment his available on whats apk *+1•2•0•6•7•4•5•8•1•9•3*.

  6. K Mor
    K Mor says:

    WOW, unbelievable… You are not understanding the legislative language used in this bill at all!!!. Before putting a video like this you should get informed of what are you talking about. Check Ant Davis's comment below.

  7. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    How much did you get pay for regurgitating pupu ? Money laundering crap? you forgot to mention to electricity !! tray to go an pay with rocks businesses by law are required to accept the legal currency… What a bunch of ignorants.

  8. Mean Martine
    Mean Martine says:

    Sorry, but you are spreading FUD. No one has to keep the BTC if they dont want. There is a conversion service. You also say that onchain fees will eat up the full value of a transaction. Seriously? On chain can be less than a $1. Compare this against the 30% cut by western union.

  9. Big Ike
    Big Ike says:

    it is another option to pay debt. salvadorians can use the US dollar or the colón which was the legal tender until 2001 when they went straight to the dollar… but if they still have the colón it is still legal tender… all that happened was bitcoin was added as an option to pay for goods. until you get rid of governments, laws will be passed to make currencys legal tender….. there is no other way around it for now. just accept it as a win for adoption.

  10. Ron D
    Ron D says:

    I am a Salvadoran, You are miss interpreting or taking it to the extreme. Is like me talking about energy usage to mine Bitcoin. Let it play out first before getting to ill-conceived conclusions.

  11. Honey Badger
    Honey Badger says:

    The law is quite clear that if merchants don't want to be exposed to bitcoin the government will buy the bitcoin at the price of the settlement and give the merchants the equivalent in USD. Maybe you missed that paragraph of the law, which is very unusual because it is 3 pages long…

  12. zacktube100
    zacktube100 says:

    The implementation of a country specific lightning network seems a lot like a country specific digital currency. Ironically, the currency of El Salvador is the dollar and, maybe soon, their digital currency will be Bitcoin.

  13. welldread
    welldread says:

    This editorial here and overall sentiment on Twitter reminds me a lot of the public discourse leading up to the legalization of marijuana in the USA. There were some hard left anarchists that were against any law or government regulations and called for decriminalization instead. The progressive left and moderates prevailed and now we have legalized, regulated, quality controlled, lab tested, content labels, and taxed cannabis products and a growing sector of the national economy. On balance are we better off or worse off with how USA society adopted Marijuana? Now apply this to legal tender BTC.

  14. eatanelk berger
    eatanelk berger says:

    They are not forcing people to use bitcoin. They are forcing merchants to accept bitcoin if someone wants to use it as payment. They also have built-in exceptions to this, like small merchants who do not have access to computers or smartphones, etc. They do not have to accept bitcoin. I believe you are misleading people with this video.

  15. Milo Macdonald
    Milo Macdonald says:

    Point taken, but to play devils advocate- I'd rather be forced to accept btc than an experimental vax . El Salvador isn't going to apply capital gains and I heard yesterday if a merchant doesn't have a cell phone they won't be forced to accept btc ( I heard this but not sure if that's true ) . In Contrast take Canada , where I've lived all my 50+ years. It's a total nanny state , the spending is out if control while everything is locked down ..leaders constantly caught ignoring their own edicts while the public faces fines and prison by a nanny state evolving into a police state . Im constantly thinking of leaving the country , but im not allowed to leave ..something to think about ..too bad El Salvador doesn't strike me as a safe place to retire for thought..Thanks guys , love your channel always , I remain disobedient

  16. One Life
    One Life says:

    Good points presented, I'm all in favor of individual choices but still for society to work out it needs some minimal rules then the existence of 'legal tender'. "Legal tender is a form of money that courts of law are required to recognize as satisfactory payment for any monetary debt" wiki. The same is valid of proof of ownership and other legal matters, so makes no sense to adopt bitcoin and make it optional in my view, how can you then handle dispute resolution? Anyway people can always get bitcoin and exchange to any other crypto using DEXs so if you prefer ETH or SOL instead it will be possible to get it very easily.

  17. Kevin cross
    Kevin cross says:

    Hi guys, I listened to your views on this video and I must say I don’t agree, I think common sense will apply as Bitcoin acceptance is rolled out and I can’t see anyone going to gaol for not accepting Bitcoin, if he didn’t insert article 7 it would have been much worse, I understand your puritans when it comes to financial freedom ( so am I ) but to be honest I think this is splitting hairs about something that I don’t forsee as an issue, keep the great stuff coming, I love your stuff…

  18. Alberto Jacques
    Alberto Jacques says:

    As a legal tender the logic is that BTC is welcomed everywhere, so I do agree the way it is presented. Yet as some other people mentioned here, they dont need to take any risk with it, they can certainly change it to USD immediately. I am assuming this will also create services like Utrust, COTi etc… used quite a lot in order to assure they can move their money to USD or stablecoins if they want to.

  19. Michel Bisson
    Michel Bisson says:

    The way i see it now is el salvador want to take advantage of china raiding bictoin farms, so it seem they hopt to invite chinese and other nation crypto-entrepreneurs to mine in elsalvador,that is a good opportunity to have a safe heaven for cryptominers…and other crypto entrepreneurs, a little bit like switzerland is for us$, if you want to know the intension of el salvador government you should ask them and not presume they have criminal intensions as elisabeth warren pre suppose about the bitcoin commmunity,..Bitcoin need a safe heaven now..

    I don t know the energy capability in El salvator but there is many ways to create such competitive energy,i do it here in usa out for solar and extraction of hydrogen from wasted unrecycle plastic and looking to add fuel can be done in every country and clean up the 6 billions ton plastic mess in the world, mainly the oceans, one ton of plastic can produce 5 megawatt and fuel cell these days are very efficient.

  20. Patrice Ray
    Patrice Ray says:

    Elon is playing with the system. No other way to cut it. Does anyone really think that a wealthy businessman like Elon would risk investing BILLIONS in Bitcoin without first doing the research and knowing how much energy Bitcoin mining is using? I'm calling bull because no, he wouldn't have. He already knew it. Two things, if power consumption was an issue he would leave Tesla because if only 30% of the country drove Tesla it would put more energy pressure on the power grid than mining Bitcoin. But it won't kill Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn't need Elon. It was designed to not need such people as it is decentralized which is why I know what I know today regardless of the current market (bulls or bears). I didn't think it was possible to earn regularly in tradlng until I came across the CHRIS ROGERS program for investors / newbies who need to understand how trading works, I made over 7.4 BTC with help from EXPERT CHRIS ROGERS . He stands out for his experienced skills in the field. Here are his details on >>W•~•H•~A•~•T•~•S•~•A~¶~ ¶<<

  21. Loniwood Finance
    Loniwood Finance says:

    Heidi, BTC is a legal tender in El 🇸🇻 just like cash. Take a chill pill and do some meditation 🧘‍♀️. No one is forcing anything on anyone. Most people will not buy using BTC anyways because it is more valuable than cash. Again, do some meditation with your BTC earned freedom from US citizenship tax lifestyle vacation world.

  22. MrTomm1963
    MrTomm1963 says:

    Doesn't sound like they are forcing people to USE bitcoin rather forcing merchants to accept bitcoin. If they are going to set bitcoin as an acceptable national currency then businesses would obviously have to accept it for payment. This doesn't mean you can't continue to use the local currency if you prefer. What am I missing?


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