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48 replies
  1. Success Mentor
    Success Mentor says:

    An interesting time we're going to see a lot more countries adopt Bitcoin and especially other more transactional cryptocurrencies bitcoin's a little bit clunky not very fast and expensive.

  2. Bart
    Bart says:

    So what happened to the president of El Salvador is that he was targeted already by the global banking system for a military coup, since he eliminate a subsidy that the banks were getting in El Salvador (because all over the world they are too big to fail), the banks were already retaliating and changing the narrative toward him as a dictator to prepare the scenario for the coup. So Bitcoin is El Salvador only salvation, is not that the president doesn't know he's going against the global elites with this move, is that the global elites were going against him already and he didn't have any other choice. So if Bitcoin succeed in this country we're seeing a new use case of Bitcoin, freeing Latin American countries from the old classic military coups of the last centuries.

  3. bmtenoch
    bmtenoch says:

    You honestly don't think Najib Bukele knows about the economic take over of the elite?!
    Do research on important people just as if you would an alt coin project!
    My initial reaction when I first heard about Bukele last year, was that he was a puppet also.
    After doing my due diligence, I soon found out that this guy is for real!
    Dont talk out of your ass, always question your bias, and keep an open mind.

  4. EverIost
    EverIost says:

    They are already working with Jack Mallers who developed the strike app on lightning for cheap, instant BTC transactions. So thats solved. Lets wish the El Salvadorians all the best throughout this adoption and that it might bring health and prosperity to their country 😉

  5. MorayFirth
    MorayFirth says:

    Or the ruling class created BTC and is letting their puppet rulers have BTC because the rulers want to push BTC to spyglobal tax on all of our transactions.

  6. agreatlife63
    agreatlife63 says:

    Do you recommend a book for how to understand crypto currency? Not just what is it, but how it works and we'll eventually understanding it completely. Thank you in advance!

  7. paul crosbie
    paul crosbie says:

    why do these leaders of countries only speak about bitcoin. all money systems have 3 coinage system. So he should be going for bitcoin litecoin and bitcoincash

  8. Michel Bisson
    Michel Bisson says:

    i used to be a strong supporter of trump as a disruptive element , but now trump betrayed us we are all orphan politically, i am canadian , but canada is a shithole country, it exist just because of usa

  9. Momo
    Momo says:

    Exciting news! Congrats to both of you to be the bearers of that news. A country who is very friendly for cryptonians and offering citizenship. Wow!

  10. Eric Everson
    Eric Everson says:

    Toby, the guy is giving away the "Store". Andrew H. is either thrilled to death at this development or he is throwing plates & dishes:) I personally think Andrew is excited to see the world progressing to fast. Much thanks as always. Peace.

  11. Charles Ayers
    Charles Ayers says:

    Would you be willing to cover the process of denouncing your US citizenship, the pros and cons of doing that in general, and your personal experience. Thanks for all you do

  12. Clarence Thomas
    Clarence Thomas says:

    Great day to be in crypto! This reminds me of a livestream that I watched over a year ago with Charles Hoskinson. – Where he said, "I'm not begging for a place at the table in western countries, where the banks and politicians are fighting against crypto and the advancements set forth by blockchain. I'm going to African countries where they are BEGGING for a solution for their people. And in a few short years the western world is going to ask themselves how these underdeveloped countries are advancing faster than them, with far superior technology. And THEN we will win." (I was actually paraphrasing here, so forgive me. lol!) So proud to be part of crypto.

  13. Ric Caruso
    Ric Caruso says:

    From an emotional 😭 & Spiritual {non-religious} perspective, listening 👂 to this video made me sad & cry somewhat…for my America. Far from a “free” Nation! I certainly wasn’t born with a “silver spoon 🥄 in my mouth. Choosing the best crypto currency projects could possibly become a better way of life for myself, my wife & teenage daughter!

  14. DYLON
    DYLON says:

    I was bullish up until recently- so far everything indicates we're on a similar path as we were in the 2017/2018 end of bull market. Positive sentiment is also doing nothing for the market which is a bad sign- have a feeling we're on a trend down and will potentially see 12k if we see 70-90% drops as with previous bulls to bears


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