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0:00 I am new to Crypto and just bought some ETH. What else should I buy now?
2:02 What do you think the interest rate on stable coins will be like in the bear market?
4:55 Should I change my X number of BTC to diversify among alt coins or only direct new cash flows to alt coins?
6:15 Any concerns moving crypto from a centralized to a decentralized exchange or wallet?
8:10 Lookin for your take on a new DEX called Thoexhain (RUNE). A cross platform exchange. It’s touted as being the first cross platform DEX.
10:00 If the market can be manipulated so easily by whales, is there a future at all for crypto?

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27 replies
  1. Stan Barwik
    Stan Barwik says:

    Isn’t that sad, to see so many grown up people, not being able to use a common sense. People like that are only able to fallow influencers and believe in everything what famous people have to say, however dum is that. Stay disobedient👍 H&T or T&H (sound better). Do not ever stop spreading your opinions, there is more people thinking similar, we are surrounded by dum dums and we crave for at least remote contact with some good people able to think on their own😎

  2. Tony Crouse
    Tony Crouse says:

    You guys dismiss volatility as a minor issue but that very thing will hold crypto back from general acceptance. Gov and people want to know their financial systems are strong and stable, not something that bounces around like a pinball. I'm in it only as a speculator but I can't see it ever replacing the fiat systems we have in place.

  3. Robert Seven
    Robert Seven says:

    Good replies on the "volatility" issues……so many things swirling around that, but…..two concurrent things stand out to me……the deeper, foundational truths in the crypto motto, "Come for the greed, stay for the revolution"…. the heart of cryto is strong enough to withstand all comers…. the beauty and efficiency can handle all flavors of greed, selfishness, fear, and short-sighted manipulation……that is breath-taking when you get it……at the same time, i think we, as humans, are being asked to comprehend that life itself, the whole web in and on the earth, is quite volatile……that we spend MASSIVE amounts of energy, personally and collectively, to try and protect ourselves from those natural swings is to be expected, but too much of that not only wastes precious energy, but actually makes us weaker in many ways……im seeing this "call to Adulting 2.0" emerging from many sectors, the difference in letting the waves pound you or learning to surf them!……… :-))))

  4. Ric Caruso
    Ric Caruso says:

    Was hoping you'd discuss: "Mining" ~ Is it still worth it {in 2021} if we only have a few thousand $ {like a Tax Refund} to invest in modern equipment. My "gaming desktop" is over 7 years old & doesn't even have a GPU video card! Thanks!

  5. Shiva Khatore
    Shiva Khatore says:

    Hi! Sorry for this inconvenient comment. But can you please share your email id?
    PayPal doesn't work where I am & I was wondering if I could pay for the Patreon through Binance or some other form of payment.
    Hope you can help out in some way. Much love. <3


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