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  1. Nic Marckstadt
    Nic Marckstadt says:

    Love this concept but your app has had issues since I’ve been running it in January. Your tech support says to delete, reinstall but it still randomly crashes and shows my missing $850+ USDC. Also haven’t been able to get Celsius to work on it. I’d suggest ironing into the bugs before adding new features.

  2. Eamon
    Eamon says:

    @DataDash, you might want to update your app identifieir for the auth service, I'm getting a "[auth/missing-client-identifier]" error when trying to sign up through the app.

  3. natyguido
    natyguido says:

    I was so excited, and then SO disappointment!!

    I'm new to crypto and love this channel for the level headed and real advice it offers so that I, as a newby, can make smart decisions with my money as I'm learning the game… So when I watched this video, I knew this get paid in crypto option was for me!! I downloaded the app for Android and found that I can't even create an account. I get an error message when entering my phone number that doesn't make any sense. Then I look at the aop reviews in the Play Store and I was so shocked at the reported issues!

    Anyone use this app/service… Is it worth it??

  4. Waking Works
    Waking Works says:

    Downloaded & put in my number to register on the app but got an error message saying "this request is missing a valid identifier… " – anyone else having this issue?

  5. tangopeter1
    tangopeter1 says:

    If you make it possible to pay bills without some sort of credit/debit card but straight with your crypto, then you have something wonderful.
    Now you still need a fiat account to do this and sending from a crypto to fiat account is still a taxable event every time.

  6. The Rwv
    The Rwv says:

    People in the US, UK and Europe. Exactly the people that don't need this. Besides, you're never going to see the growth displayed here. 5 years ago 1 BTC costs $500-600, so putting $100 of your salary in each month would have given you 0.2 btc in the fist month already. To get 0.2 btc now would take you almost 6 years with $100 a month, that is if the price stays flat during those years. Even if btc grows to a million, you're not getting close to those gains.

  7. T T
    T T says:

    The major problem I see with this is that it can't be used like a bank. There is no point in getting paid in crypto if you can't have it setup to pay bills every month with Bitcoin like you would a regular bank account. Without that feature this is pointless because you can just setup Coinbase to auto purchase every 2 weeks.

  8. maria baptista
    maria baptista says:

    Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile…it's not advisable to lead people to receive their salary in cryptocurrency…there are many Elon's out there manipulating the price of BTC… People may end up not having enough to pay rent and feed their kids if market dumps heavy. I am very disappointed on your advice today. Not wise at all…but thanks anyway…


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