China to REVERSE stance on Bitcoin?

Chinese media established that people have the freedom to trade Bitcoin – is this a reversal in the trend to ban BTC? We also speak to Erik (Covalent) on the latest happenings and upcoming trends in the cryptocurrency space

0:00 introduction
3:22 Is China reversing its’ hate for crypto?
5:54 Market recap: Bitcoin Miami Conference will pump crypto?
9:39 News recap: Bitcoin losing steam? DOGE giveaway
12:47 Thoughts on meme coins? Market strategies?
19:02 More news: Wozniak YouTube lawsuit? New money coming to crypto? Olympic NFTs?
28:04 Covalent

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


9 replies
  1. GusChiggins
    GusChiggins says:

    China refused Facebook version of crypto because it would invade all of their citizens privacy. With that mindset, China will adopt crypto, especially Bitcoin because its anonymous and to cash out you must go through a regulated exchange. Alot of potential for btc to shoot to the moon within the next year or so

  2. Jack Herok
    Jack Herok says:

    I screamed my lungs out the first day my investment yielded results and I withdrew it successfully, partly out of disappointment and partly out of excitement. Disappointed because I could have invested more and I didn't, and excitement because I never expected it to be real! Bitcoinsamurai are one of the good ones!

  3. Eric Yasaratne
    Eric Yasaratne says:

    CCP will never let you control the countries financial system. You can only own crypto but not trade within china. Also they are cracking down on crypto because people are smuggling their assets out of china using btc and other cryptos.

  4. Yewbzee
    Yewbzee says:

    Cheers Michael. For me regulation can not come quick enough. If you think about it the lack of regulation is the source of the vast majority of fud. Obviously we are all apprehensive of regulation because let’s face it it could be overall negative but without it we will plateau. We are not going to hit those lofty heights we are all hoping for without institutions and they aren’t going to jump in en masse without regulation.


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