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31 replies
  1. Sérgio Cochat
    Sérgio Cochat says:


    Now is time for the giveaway! 😂😂

    Kidding! Just teasing you!

    Enjoy your time at that warm water!

    Nazaré's freezing water is waiting for you! 😉

  2. Henric R
    Henric R says:

    Pretty new to your chanel, but I really appreciate the content you provide. Great tips n tricks to keep in mind when navigating in the crypto space. Keep it up, and thank you!

  3. JOS
    JOS says:

    NO THANK YOU BOTH AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are giving your time and knowledge!!!!! We are receiving from you a huge blessing.

    I had seen you on interviews with Andrew / NCapitalist for a year or 2 or maybe more. Now my daughter has gotten, MOM AND DAD, into crypto and we are learning.

    I had the opportunity to buy BTC around 2013, 14 or 15. But the price was around $40-50. I come so so close to pulling the trigger, WOW!!!! I SCREWED UP BIG TIME. Then I looked at it again 2 years back, but (being businessman) I got frustrated by the lack of business professionalism and things not operating with good business Procedures to ensure accountability.

    Today it is still frustrating to me, to deal with exchanges or whomever, that have no customer support and a number of them (appear) to not operate with good business protocol and take serious their Fiduciary responsibility. This opens the door for all kinds of problems, then people run to the Fed and complain, which gives the Fed the door to say, "WE HAVE TO STEP IN AND REGULATE".

    I pray that operations will improve and the self governance will work successfully. I DO NOT LIKE UNCLE SXX!!!!

    In saying all that, You both are doing a FANTASTIC Job. We are going to jion your club and hopefully grow our Crypto Assets and diversify even more. God Bless You Both and again THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Chris Pelaez
    Chris Pelaez says:

    Favourite video of the week! Congrats! You both bring a super entertaining and informative balance to the channel and are a joy to watch everyday. You should do more videos with scenery like this from time to time…love the beach vibe!


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