Low Orbit Crypto Cannon (LOCC) is a deflationary defi token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Every ‘x’ number of ETH blocks a propulsion occurs! By stalking the minimum amount of LOCC tokens a eth wallet is eligible to enter the upcoming draws also known as “propulsions”.

Fees are generated from each trade at 5% propulsion contract fee and 5% burn. As a deflationary token, 500 tokens will be burned from the total supply leaving 500 when the burning is complete. A staker, or astronaut as they call them on their website, is chosen at random and receives all of the collected fees that accumulated within the previous ‘x’ number of blocks. The number of blocks is chosen by the community.

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0:00 Introduction to Low Orbit Crypto Cannon
1:11 LOCC Propulsion Wave Every 276 ETH Blocks
3:26 Tokenomics
4:44 Staking
5:56 Project Advantages and Roadmap for Q3 +Q4

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  1. BillyBobLeeSwagger
    BillyBobLeeSwagger says:

    Hey all, anyone know any really good, informative, crypto podcasts? I'm looking for something NOT big box. An individual who really knows their stuff who can give advise to the masses not the people with unlimited cash to invest.

  2. Ben Osborne
    Ben Osborne says:

    I'm very surprised to see this pushed on this channel. I don't get the impression it jives with your mission and purpose. Hope y'all make some bank, though.


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