In this episode, Nate and I speak to Leslie (GBV) and Sam (Manifold Finance) on the latest happenings and upcoming trends in the cryptocurrency markets.

0:00 Introduction
2:22 News roundup: UK Bank bans crypto deposits-Is it FUD? Do some derivatives traders have insider info? etc
24:09 Market recap: which way are we going?
26:39 Manifold Finance

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


17 replies
  1. Rarity Riego
    Rarity Riego says:

    $CPAC the most stable token ever. A bsc token that we all looking for and the most waited token. Dont miss out and buy $CPAC. A true and hidden gem y'all should have.

  2. Harry McKenzie
    Harry McKenzie says:

    Owner of SUSHISWAP was the greatest donor to Biden. Then you're insane. To me, SUSHISWAP is evil, same like LINK whom are completely in bed with the World Economic Forum of Satan Klaus Schwab

  3. Astherielle Seraphine Zaldua
    Astherielle Seraphine Zaldua says:

    I am glad and honored that I am belong to those people who hold $CPAC🚀 with the power that $CPAC hold all the holder will really profit. I am encouraging everyone that is reading this to join our community and buy $CPAC. $CPAC really made it they have 2.2 Million MCAP!!!!! THAT'S REALLY HUGE SUCCESS, COME AND JOIN US NOW🚀🚀🚀

  4. Oh Hey Matty
    Oh Hey Matty says:

    With Sushiswaps daily volume this could be the lowest risk but highest APY for DeFi by the end of July. Not sure people are seeing that angle either. Not to mention what Sam said about how the governance token scales with the more strategies they deploy and the more that integrate with YCabal. Sushis partnership for 100% of volume and Yearn integration is a massive unique selling proposition. It seems to bring self-validation and thrust the YCabal strategy ahead of its competitors. Also the part about being Yearn but the value is derived in one central governance is powerful as fk as YFI doesn't really have that true value and relies off people funding the vaults which are opposite here.

  5. Dani Seo
    Dani Seo says:

    $CPAC is THE next crypto. watch out for this hidden gem! it's making its way to be the next successful token in the market. hodl now before you'll regret not having this sooner!

  6. Nishi Ley
    Nishi Ley says:

    $CPAC is all we need! Compact will support some charity organizations with this share in the future.Compact always ensures with it's liquidity providing mechanism to strengthen its LiquidityPool. $CPAC is going wilder everyday! And it also had every single features of BSC!


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