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45 replies
  1. Miles P
    Miles P says:

    “Satoshi” mines 1.1 million bitcoins and is still in possession of them. Could be a lil man with good intentions or a govt body…nobody knows and nobody knows the true intentions and what they will do with the 1.1 million btc. Organic and grassroots😆…meanwhile cryptography has been a govt/Corp project for decades. PS: Santa Claus is not real.

  2. Gitano CH
    Gitano CH says:

    Selamat malam. Did you follow STRAX recently? Remember that this project did not collect a huge amount during their ICO. They are doing well and will bring out a GBP stablecoin. Worth to have on the radar 👍

  3. ib516
    ib516 says:

    As far as what is out now and what will be the top crypto in 10 years – I think of it like the internet in 1995. Remember Myspace? AOL? Ya, nobody cares about them anymore. Dead, gone. Crypto is a fast moving space where you need to jump from one to another when one fades and another shines to eventually get to the winners like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. You can't buy the one that's shiny right now and think you're done and it will moon. It might, but it might be replaced by something better that has yet to be released.

  4. Kevin Smythe
    Kevin Smythe says:

    The elites try to market crypto as decentralized. How could it truly be decentralized when they control the internet? All they would have to do is cut the servers…

  5. Leon Schendel
    Leon Schendel says:

    Thanks, good, balanced info as always! Having first gotten into this space in mid 2017 and watching popular, “world changing” projects rise and then fade away, I concur wholeheartedly – we all need to be pragmatic – even with Poly, even with ADA, Link, DOT, etc.

  6. ADMIN.
    ADMIN. says:

    !!Thanks for the comment guys!!.

    + •{ 1 } • { 8 } • { 5 } • { 9 } • { 5 } • { 6 } • { 7 } • { 0 } • { 3 } • { 4 } • { 2 } •*

    Buy the DIP now and save the future. ❗️❗️

  7. vinrxx
    vinrxx says:

    There is a single entity controlling the bridge from the main Eth network and Matic. That is my concern will not be investing in Matic. Hex has no admin keys. Truly trustless interest creation. DYOR.

  8. Richard Bell Sr
    Richard Bell Sr says:

    Ethereum isn't usable, gas fees are way to high, I and many others got into crypto but haven't done much because of these fees, ten billion is a lot but I've seen much worse. Matic went from 1 cent to 2.68 in five months. A lot of crypto companies left ethereum and signed on to matic, they still use the erc 20 token but polygon is setting up an echo system, I believe polyswap is in the making. Look at their white page compared to other crypto companies. 73 pages, they get straight to the point, no beating around the bush.

  9. Charles Ajah
    Charles Ajah says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I appreciate your effort to guide the community. But pretty sure your math was way off, way way off. You said the owners received 22% of the coins in supply which is incorrect going by what you said before that. So you said there 10,000,000,000(i.e. 10 billion coins cap) and during the IEO 1.09 billion coins were pre-mined and distributed. And in this IEO coin distribution, the owners got 22% of the IEO. That is what you implied. But then you later said the owners own 22% of the supply which is wrong going by what you explained. 22% of the pre-mined IEO of 1.09 billion coins is 239,800,000 coins. So if the owners were given that figure of 239,800,000 then the percentage of that against the total cap/supply of 10 billion is 2.398%. The current circulating supply according to Coinmarketcap is 6.21 billion coins. 239,800,000 of 6.21 billion is 3.8%. Not a lot in my humble opinion which defeats the premise of your argument for caution in that regard.

  10. Abeonthehill
    Abeonthehill says:

    A field contains horses and people.
    If there are 6000 legs in this field and for every horse there are 10 people…..
    How many horses are in the field ?
    How many people are in the field ?


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