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35 replies
  1. Rich C25
    Rich C25 says:

    No matter what you say about any crypto, there is no intrinsic value except perhaps BTC. You can still make money trading the pumps and the dumbs.

  2. valeria davis
    valeria davis says:

    Even though Cryptos have had one of the biggest sell offs in history there is still no reason to panic! The markets are still in price discovery so this entire sell-off has been one FUD event to shake out the weak hands. This coming from a pro;anaIyst I have been profiting from. It is very appalling that the most well known word recently among crypto fans and brokers the same is "hodl." This idea of "hanging on with a death grip" in itself may not be a poorly conceived notion yet why clutch a speculation instrument which could make you some cash, or make you truly hopeless tomorrow? Making a decent benefit off crypto is simple if and just in the event that you can track down the correct section point and leave point in your day exchanging. Somebody I found that has immensely assisted me with this is Andreas Antonopoulos. He has a framework that is so powerful it astounds me. I have been utilizing his signs and techniques and have turned out a noteworthy benefit throughout the most recent two months. I would recommend him for novices and surprisingly more experienced merchants who have an issue turning in a reliable benefit. He can be reached through Tҽʅҽgɾαɱ ( cryptoandreas ) only if you are serious.

  3. surka
    surka says:

    I m sorry for all of you holding Matic. You all will experience the great fail project from south Asia. Their staking reward is a perfect set up trap. Becareful !!

  4. J R
    J R says:

    Matic and ETH are now in bed with commies. Anyone pushing ETH should be carefully analyzed.
    I'm for peoples rights not commie control.

    Pirate Chain, Monero better than all the other commie trash.

  5. The Crypto Juggler
    The Crypto Juggler says:

    I staked Matic on Celsius at 13.99% in Matic. Now I am lending on Aave at about 7%, but if you borrow stable coins, they actually pay you to do that in Matic. Average cost of the borrow is 4-7% but they pay you about 15% in Matic for borrowing. I don´t know why. The apr for borrowing is variable, so keep an eye on it, sometimes it goes highre than the bonus, but usually it is less.


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