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26 replies
  1. tossing molotovs
    tossing molotovs says:

    Might be worth interviewing thecryptosniper, Francis Hunt. He warned about the correction weeks ago & issued a tweet the day prior. His latest YouTube post he discusses a year end in the 6 digits.

  2. Douglas Larsen
    Douglas Larsen says:

    I'm with u two.
    2018 the mysterious run was my first one.
    Sold nothing – traded for 64222 Theta; she is my girl 🗿 💃
    Still Bit, eth, ADA.
    I did my own LLC.

    I need to get a passport.
    If I lived out the country I'd always, always have something to do; always…..

    We've heard of the Ponzi scheme which is failing; the dollar…..

    Reset of the financial system combined with their f**** green deal – high CO2 always happens when the poles migrate.
    WE ARE Not the cause.

    New green deal "of death" for us the middle class
    2030 50% reduction in CO2 output

    2050 100%

    See I told you ultimate joke….

    Good day to the middle-class, I mean the Low class out there….


  3. Aurorithus Shadowstar
    Aurorithus Shadowstar says:

    So glad I found this channel! You guys see the big picture and think like I do. Amazing you've been in the space 8 whole year's! I would love to hear each of your investment stories. Respecting your privacy of course, how did you get into crypto? Did you start from almost nothing in the bank? Do you mine? Was it crypto that brought you together? I just see a lot of myself in both of you and know I could learn a lot. My best to you both. You guys are rock stars! Subscriber for life!

  4. Full Crypto Nomad
    Full Crypto Nomad says:

    You are right… There is HUGE manipulation happening. This was a coordinated attack to dump the price for the benefit of whales and hedge funds. And I also agree that who pays the cost are the new retail investors. And yes I believe a lot of these YouTube content creators are contributing to the problem. But… DCA is not the only strategy and trading is a legitimate, although extremely difficult to learn, option for common people to profit. Charts are a tool. that's it. They are a reflection of human psychology in real time. And the traders that I watch on YouTube would NEVER throw any doubt on what we all believe in here in this space. The traders that I follow approach the charts objectively because serious traders don't actually care what direction the price action is moving. They only care that it is moving. So.. in this respect. I don't like that you throw them all into the same basket.

  5. Milo Macdonald
    Milo Macdonald says:

    Thank you for this , noobs in particular, need to hear this . The Fud has been rampant…how many people wish they could buy at low prices, yet when it falls to that level, are too afraid to take advantage? I urge everyone to take a step back , take a wider view ..crypto rewards patience

  6. Paul Lockyer
    Paul Lockyer says:

    Some company like a GS needed better entry points for their private clients and blew out every margined long and new player. After the price is 50% cheaper they announce they love the fundamentals of some of the projects.


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