0:00 Introduction. Chinese rumors causing panic in Asia?
3:29 Huobi threatens legal action
4:14 Our crypto sentiments, what did we buy over the weekend?
10:13 Ethereum ($ETH) and Bitcoin ($BTC) markets: My leverage trading mistakes
17:33 Are the events of 2017 repeating itself?
20:18 China FUD: Huobi, Binance in trouble?
34:15 Chinese miners ordered to shut down?
41:20 News recap: Meanwhile whales are still accumulating, EtherDelta hack news
45:42 Should we worship Warren Buffett? Chamath Palihapitiya? Elon Musk?
49:07 Sam Trabucco: What took cryptocurrency down?
51:22 is Linear Finance ($LINA) and other altcoins dead?
53:33 Leading layer 2 player? TrueBit? Polygon ($MATIC)?
56:00 Our current crypto trading strategies?
57:35 ETH 2.0? Are we bullish on mining or staking?
1:00:014 Blockchain gaming tokens to watch?

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8 replies
  1. Crypto Friend
    Crypto Friend says:

    Congrats to everyone who sold at loss to whales
    U have to thrive to survive in crypto and HODL is the key
    u still have time buy the dip before its too late
    Buy $DEXA.

  2. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    Here we Go…

    Ticket to ride, ADA highway
    Tell all your friends they can go my way
    Pay your toll, sell your soul
    Pound for pound worth more than gold
    The longer you stay, the more you (get) pay
    My ADA go a long way
    Either up your nose or through your vein
    With nothin' to gain except killin' your brain.

  3. Jason Ruff
    Jason Ruff says:

    I’d love it if you gentleman could talk a little more about upcoming Kusama and Dot parachain auctions and who the winners might be. Also Cardano roll outs with smart contracts getting closer. Thank you for the awesome content I’m always stoked to catch your live streams!


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