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26 replies
  1. Smilin' Azzdoggy
    Smilin' Azzdoggy says:

    You guys convinced me to check out AAVE. Now the use of the word "advantageous" has been spreading these days and really kind of been sounding out of place. LOL just kidding. Enjoyed the video👍

  2. Neil
    Neil says:

    Everyone reading this comment, invest to $CPAC. This underrated coin deserves more recognition. $CPAC made crypto investing much easier! You won't regret anything!

  3. Little Stray Sheep
    Little Stray Sheep says:

    I'm still smiling with the vision of Heidi's smile as she said things are looking bullish for BNB lol. The smile wasn't fake, it was in response that she was entertained by the fact she was able to do it.

  4. Chris H.
    Chris H. says:

    Toby and Heidi's Crypto Picks: Initial $1,000 investment – 50% BTC, 50% ETH. After $1,000 in profits – 20% each ADA, MATIC, SOL, BNB, and AAVE or DOT.

  5. Podo Crypto
    Podo Crypto says:

    I can't buy anything. all my fiat went into the market to top things off just before it crashed. Then I took my eyes off it for 2weeks and missed all the bad news and the FUD.. Now look where we are? My acct is rekt! I can't even trade my way out of it cause exchanges increased their fees and the gaps/spreads went thru the roof, as well as getting dumped on if you can trade with leverage, which even further tanked my net value and lost more coins and tokens doing that. Uggh!

  6. rolla
    rolla says:

    Toby, you're under spell of the Solana but their tps numbers are doubtable. They use a calculation system that no other blockchain use. Their actual tps is probably much lower than they declare. I recommend you to check this out.

  7. Magma Sunburst
    Magma Sunburst says:

    At what point do you stop buying the dip? Been in this space since 2016 so I experience the bull run of 2017. To me it felt good enough back in early May and I was content that maybe we were at the top for this one. Then I started watching some YouTube videos that made it seem like we were in for a few more corrections. This "made sense" and was buying the dip when it went below the 50 K range. But it seems if I keep buying, I will be eating up more of my profits now then I want to spend. There is a price point where the money one spends to buy the dip comes out of one's profits so much that one is no longer making as much money to make one's time worth it.

    I learned that buying the dip on a site like coinbase isn't as good as setting limit orders because with them you can buy at a much lower point in the future and see if the market hits it or not. If it doesn't then you can buy as needed. If it does then you've saved a lot of money that dollar cost averaging would have cost you.

    I bought in the 40K range and now it is in the 30K range.


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