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Time Stamps:
0:00 If the BTC blockchain forks (splits) into one inside China versus outside of China, what does that mean for the average BTC holder?
5:35 Should we hold DOT, ETH, and ADA for the long term? Or will there be a time when they might go down a lot and not come back after the bear run?
11:12 How can we mentally start to value crypto for crypto instead of always viewing it as valuable against fiat?
14:35 Rumour says there will be a serious dip in the sommer before final run.. Do we cash all wait for the dip and buy before final bull run in December or just Hodl until end 2021?
19:16 How CBDCs might affect the crypto markets?
22:27 Has Toby ever encountered sharks when surfing?
24:43 Has your estimated timeframe changed regarding when to start withdrawing before the bear market hits?

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43 replies
  1. Anthony Duke
    Anthony Duke says:

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  2. TheYomixer
    TheYomixer says:

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  3. Ben Aspen
    Ben Aspen says:

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  4. Ben Aspen
    Ben Aspen says:

    I’m so glad I can across this video has really help my life in a positive way which l can’t say finish,my appreciation goes to Hackermitnick1 on telegram for making it possible for me.

  5. JRNY Crypto
    JRNY Crypto says:

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  6. Paul Beriault
    Paul Beriault says:

    Just discovered you guys. Wish I knew about you sooner. I appreciate very much the honesty truthfulness and rationality of you both. We are family of eight and share a lot of the values you speak about in life and finance.

  7. saxman 808
    saxman 808 says:

    Hey Toby, nice shark story.
    I live on Oahu near the North Shore. I heard you mention Garrett McNamara.
    My brother (Wild Chef Chris) is a good friend of his. I met GMAC thru my brother and have been to his house. He's a great guy.
    When you have time, show more big wave picts/videos of you surfing. Love it!
    PS. Thanks for the great info/ I'll be joining your Patreon soon.
    Aloha, Paul

  8. Savage Mantis
    Savage Mantis says:

    Thanks for the great content guys. Lately I've been looking into getting off of centralized exchanges, but I'm wondering if there is any decentralized exchanges where i can deposit fiat to get crypto?

  9. DD
    DD says:

    The shark story was the best part 😂👍🏻
    Btw Toby, I'm finally done accumulating loopring, I know you like it very much. It's time for it to make a move, fasten your seatbelts 🥳🥳🥳 wish me luck 😆


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